Dormitory Condition Comes To Those Who Avoid Isolation

Dormitory Condition Comes To Those Who Avoid Isolation
Dormitory Condition Comes To Those Who Avoid Isolation

According to the circular sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to 81 provincial governorships, people who violate the isolation conditions at home will complete their quarantine processes in dormitories or hostels. The application will also apply to those who stay in temporary places that do not have the opportunity to meet the isolation conditions. The management of dormitories and hostels to be allocated for isolation will be carried out with the current managers under the general coordination of a local administrative authority.

People who violate this rule, while they should be in isolation in their homes, will be filed a criminal complaint in accordance with Article 195 of the TCK. These people will be subjected to mandatory isolation by being transferred to dormitories or hostels by the governorships to complete the isolation process.

Ministry to 81 provincial governorships "Insulation in Dormitories and Hostels" sent a circular on the subject. In the Circular, it was stated that it is essential to comply with the measures taken and the rules determined in order to effectively continue the fight against the coronavirus epidemic during the controlled social life period.

With circulars previously sent to governorships; It was stated that an effective follow-up and control system has been determined for people who have been in contact with people who spend their isolation processes at their homes (except in cases with a severe course of the disease), who show symptoms of the disease or who have been diagnosed accordingly.

On the other hand, in the isolation of people with a diagnosis or contact of Covid-19 in places such as areas where seasonal agricultural workers shelter, construction sites; It was stated that various difficulties were encountered due to the temporary nature of these places and the lack of opportunity to provide isolation conditions. The Circular also drew attention to the fact that despite the guidance and inspections carried out through the Provincial / District Outbreak Control Centers, it was understood that some people who were given an isolation decision contrary to the precautions and left their residences, risking public health and causing the disease to be transmitted to other people.

Within the scope of the provision regarding "those who are sick or suspected of being sick" in Article 1593 of the Public Health Law No. 72, the measures taken are listed as follows:

According to this;

1- Places such as dormitories / hostels will be determined by the governors in order to pass / complete the isolation processes of the people who are staying in temporary places that violate the isolation conditions or do not have the opportunity to provide isolation conditions.

2- The dormitories or hostels to be allocated to the governorships by the relevant ministries will work according to the following task sharing:

  • The management of the dormitories or hostels will be provided by the current administrators under the general coordination of a local governor to be appointed by the Governor.
  • The personnel needs of these dormitories or hostels will be met by assigning personnel from other public institutions and organizations if necessary by the governors.
  • All kinds of cleaning services and other logistics needs of dormitories or hostels will be met by AFAD.
  • The nutritional needs of the persons who are decided to be isolated in the dormitories or hostels and the personnel assigned will be met by the Red Crescent under the coordination of AFAD.
  • Adequate health personnel will be assigned by the Governorships to observe the health status of people who are decided to be subjected to isolation in dormitories or hostels, to coordinate their referral to health institutions when medically necessary, and to ensure that the assigned personnel work in accordance with the measures determined in combating the epidemic.
  • No visitors will be accepted to dormitories or hostels.
  • The security of dormitories and hostels will be maintained on a 24-hour basis under the supervision of the local authority, and enough security / law enforcement personnel will be assigned for this.
3- Although a decision of isolation has been made at home / residence, agricultural and construction workers working in temporary and seasonal jobs and isolation for various reasons
people who do not have a suitable housing to undergo their process; They will be placed in dormitories or hostels allocated to them by the governorships and the isolation period will be completed here. The food and accommodation costs of these people during their isolation will be covered by the governorships.
4- People who act against the isolation decision in different ways, especially to leave their homes as a result of the inspections made when they should be in isolation at home;
  • Necessary administrative actions will be taken within the framework of our Circulars of interest and a criminal complaint will be filed in accordance with Article 195 of the TCK.
  • In addition, it will be sent to dormitories or hostels to complete the isolation process by the Governorships and subject to mandatory isolation.

Necessary decisions by the Governor / District Governors within the framework of the aforementioned principles will be taken urgently in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Health Law. There will be no disruption in practice, no grievances will be caused. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding the establishment of administrative action in accordance with the relevant articles of the General Hygiene Law for those who do not comply with the decisions taken.

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