Grant from Europe to İzmir's Vision of Green Transportation

Grant from Europe to Izmir's Urban Vision
Grant from Europe to Izmir's Urban Vision

The vision of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality attracted the attention of Europe. The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan to be prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality is entitled to a grant of approximately 3 million Euros from the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) program of the European Union (EU). kazanwas. EU experts, who came to the city as the first step of the process, gave SUMP training to the personnel who will work in the preparation of the plan.

Many local governments from Turkey participated in the call for proposals issued by the European Union through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in 2018 with their draft projects. As a result of the evaluation, only the project titled "Technical support for the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and training and capacity building for the planning personnel" prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is entitled to receive a grant of 3 million 199 thousand 845 Euros from the EU. kazanwas.

As the first step of the work, the "SUMP Izmir Workshop" was held at the Urla Köstem Olive Oil Museum. European Union Delegation to Turkey and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department has organized a three-day workshop, Transportation Department Director Mert Yaygel, ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey, Inc. ticketing system General Manager Arda Şekercioğlu, İzmir Metro A.Ş. General Manager Sönmez Alev and İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu and technical personnel who will work in the plan preparation attended. EU Expert SUMP Kristiana EU Delegation to Turkey with Chakarova Göktuğ Land Transport Sector Manager, the sump of the essence, principles, stages and gave information on topics contribution to the city.

the first and only in Turkey

Izmir, one of the few major cities to prepare SUMP projects in Turkey and this road emphasizing that it is the first and only city in the EU with the support of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Author Attacks, the importance of the project, said the following words: "In the recent past, fossils of many of the city Transportation approaches based on fuel and automobile traffic prevailed. This approach has created consequences that cause deterioration of air quality, automobile occupation of the city, increase in fatal and injury accidents, traffic congestion, noise, restriction of pedestrian, cyclist and disabled mobility and impair social equality. Aiming to prevent all these negativities, to create an alternative to the car-dependent urban development and transportation model, and to make economic and environmental sustainability possible, SUMP has been adopted in many cities of Europe today and replaced the transportation master plans. In its simplest terms, SUMP can be defined as an 'innovative, strategic transportation master plan'. It is a strategy plan designed to meet the mobility needs of people and businesses in and around cities, towards a better quality of life. ”

'People' oriented planning

Emphasizing that İzmir's already existing vision of integrated public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian transportation corresponds exactly to the SUMP project, Atak said, “İzmir Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP İzmir) will be prepared in two years. The financial resources of the works will be financed by a grant from the EU. The main goal of our plan is; developing a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable 'İzmir Transportation Vision'… In essence; There are principles of reducing individual car use, increasing public transport, bicycle and pedestrian access, developing shared micro-mobility opportunities, and creating a human-oriented city center rather than a vehicle. Process; It also takes into account the principles of integration, participation and evaluation ”.

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