Free Towing Service from Izmir Metropolitan

Free Towing Service from Izmir Metropolitan
Free Towing Service from Izmir Metropolitan

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, trying to find solutions to the increasing traffic during the pandemic process, started a free towing service to quickly remove the crashed and defective vehicles on the three main arteries where the vehicle traffic is the busiest.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is trying to make the motor vehicle traffic, which is caused by the use of private vehicles, which has increased with the coronavirus epidemic, as fluid as possible. Considering that accidents and vehicle breakdowns have increased the already intense traffic, it was decided to give the tow truck service much faster and free of charge.

They'll be at five points

Five tow trucks are positioned at different points in Altınyol, Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and Yeşildere Street, where vehicle traffic is the most intense. The vehicles guided by the Izmir Transportation Center (IZUM) are available in the morning and evening at the Konak Pier - Izmir Marina Junction; Karşıyaka It will serve between Naldöken Bridge - Meles and Yeşildere Atatürk Mask - Zafer Payzın Köprülü Junction.

The tow trucks will immediately intervene to the vehicle, which is on the road and disrupt the traffic, and take it to the nearest parking lot. Thus, traffic jam will be prevented.

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