Izmir Will Ride On Bike, Run, Use Public Transport

Izmir Will Ride On Bike, Run, Use Public Transport
Izmir Will Ride On Bike, Run, Use Public Transport

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is celebrating the European Mobility Week simultaneously with many cities between 16-22 September. During the week, the theme of which is “Zero Emission Mobility for Everyone”, activities will be organized to encourage walking, cycling, running and using public transportation instead of motor vehicles. Within the scope of the program created with the slogan of "Zero Carbon Emission, Let Izmir Take a Deep Breath", Izmir's shared bicycle system BISIM will be free for two days.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality planned a series of activities within the scope of the European Mobility Week celebrated between 16-22 September. During the week celebrated with the theme of “Zero Emission Mobility for Everyone” this year, a program was created to encourage carbon emission reduction in İzmir. In this context, between 18-20 September, Dr. Air pollution will be measured for three days on Mustafa Enver Bey Caddesi, so that the amount of carbon emission will be measured on the weekends left to pedestrians. In 2019, with the UKOME decision, Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Street was closed to traffic on weekends. The pedestrianization design studies continue for Bornova Street, which was closed to traffic within the scope of European Mobility Week in 2019.

City without cars

On September 22, Car Free Day, Kordon will be closed to traffic from Alsancak Port Customs Zone to Cumhuriyet Square and left to pedestrians. Reminding how the streets are used without motor vehicles, encouraging public transportation, pedestrian transportation and bicycle use, ownership of the streets, control and measurement of air pollution and sound pollution, and comparison of measurements on Car Free Day. kazanIt is aimed to obtain the

Izmirians will pedal to work

Within the scope of the European Mobility Week, İzmir's shared bicycle system BİSİM will provide free service for two days on 21 and 22 September. Also, on Monday, September 21 will be "Cycling to Work Day". All Izmir residents are invited to go to work by bicycle that day.

İzmir will have a carbon footprint

On September 22, the opening of the "Carbon Footprint" installation will be held in the old phaeton area in Kordon. "Let's Leave Green Traces, Not Black Together!" The installation work, which will bear the slogan, will be covered with plants and turned into green and will be presented to Izmir as an urban furniture. This will be the carbon footprint of İzmir. With the installation work, it is aimed to increase environmental awareness in the city and to leave a green mark.

It will be announced to the world

On September 19, the addition of İzmir to the European Bicycle Route Network (EuroVelo) will be announced to the world. EuroVelo Izmir south route will be promoted with a limited number of participants due to the pandemic on 19 September. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Bicycle, Pedestrian Access and Planning Branch Directorate teams and cycling groups will pedal about 20 kilometers from Seferihisar Teos Ancient City to Azmak. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and European Cyclists Federation President Christophe Najdovski will broadcast their mutual messages about Izmir's participation in EuroVelo that day. On September 20th, there is a launch tour of the EuroVelo northern route. With the cycling groups, this time, we will cross from Konak to Foça with the ship İZDENİZ, and 60 kilometers of bicycle will be driven from Foça to İzmir.

İzmir at EuroVelo

The European Cyclists Federation accepted the request of Izmir to be added to the European Bicycle Route Network (EuroVelo) in 2019. Thus Izmir Turkey became the first city to join the network. It is aimed to develop sustainable tourism, transportation and economy in İzmir with the addition of the 500-kilometer bicycle route that connects the ancient cities of Bergama and Ephesus as a continuation of the EuroVelo 8-Mediterranean route.

EuroVelo covers 70 long-distance cycling routes planned over 45 thousand kilometers in Europe, 16 thousand kilometers of which have been completed. EuroVelo bike routes, the prestige of the cities in the countries it passes through kazanIt provides support to the economic growth and development of the socio-economic structure.

The “EuroVelo 16-Mediterranean Route”, which is one of the 8 long road bicycle routes of EuroVelo and includes Izmir, starts from Spain. It continues through France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and passes through 12 countries, including Greece and Southern Cyprus. There are 23 world heritage sites and 712 fish species unique to the Aegean Region on the route. With the addition of Izmir to this network, the list is expected to become even richer.

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