Special Urban Furniture for Earthquake Park from ISTON

Special Urban Furniture for Earthquake Park from İSTON
Special Urban Furniture for Earthquake Park from İSTON

İSTON, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), produced urban furniture for parks organized as earthquake gathering areas.

Taking a multi-dimensional approach to the earthquake reality of Istanbul, IMM started the installation of new urban furniture in the "Istanbul Earthquake Parks", which it announced in October 2019 and opened to the service of the city last month. Urban furniture designed by İBB affiliate İSTON were produced specifically for earthquake conditions.


Urban furniture designed to serve after a possible earthquake has multiple functions in logistic, technical and social aspects. The earthquake urban furniture, detailed by taking into account the basic needs that may occur after the disaster, were developed to meet the communication, lighting, storage, social and physiological needs.

In this context, smart urban furniture with solar energy, charging and lighting units; Benches and WC units that allow for storage of disaster-related needs (tents, blankets, etc.), materials with a long shelf life were produced. In addition, gazebos were placed to meet social needs.

At the same time, children's playgrounds were renewed so that the earthquake parks can be used efficiently before the disaster. It was aimed to contribute to the sustainability of the park by using recycled garbage bins.

Continuing its design and R&D studies in this field, İSTON continues to produce products that will support life in disaster situations in terms of product variety and functionality.


Urban furniture specially produced for earthquake conditions were first placed in Ataşehir Deniz Gezmiş and Topkapı earthquake parks, which were put into service by the IMM Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement in August. Deniz Gezmiş Earthquake Park was built with a capacity to accommodate 500-700 people after the disaster, and Topkapı Earthquake Park with a capacity to accommodate 5.000 people after the disaster.

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