Special Wagon for Cyclists in Istanbul Metro

Special Wagon for Cyclists on the Metro in Istanbul
Special Wagon for Cyclists on the Metro in Istanbul

Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of IMM, started an innovation that will increase mobility in the city. Passengers who want to travel by bicycle on rail systems will be able to use the last wagons of the vehicles at specified times.

Metro Istanbul, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), made a new regulation regarding the use of bicycles in vehicles in order to reduce the number of vehicles in traffic and to prevent the negative effects of hours spent in traffic. Direction signs for bicycles were hung at the stations.

With the application, which is expected to increase the use of bicycles, faster and more sustainable transportation will be provided. In addition, environmental pollution will be prevented by reducing carbon emissions.

Healthy life, healthy cities ...

As of September 16, Istanbul residents will be able to travel with their foldable bicycles throughout the day, and with non-foldable bicycles, on the last wagon of the trains at no extra cost, except between 07:00 and 09:00 and 17:00-20:00.

The regulation aims to support sustainable urban mobility by increasing the use of bicycles with an intermodal approach in urban transportation. The application also aims to encourage a healthier and zero-emission life.

Other passengers were also considered ...

Carrying more than 2 million passengers a day, Metro Istanbul has determined rules by considering not only its cyclists but also other passengers in order to offer more comfortable and safe transportation to its passengers. Thanks to the rules introduced for cyclists, other passengers will be able to travel safely without being adversely affected.

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