IoT Devices Increase Risk of Cyber ​​Attack by 300 Percent

IoT Devices Increase Risk of Cyber ​​Attack by 300 Percent
IoT Devices Increase Risk of Cyber ​​Attack by 300 Percent

IoT devices that increase the efficiency of companies, on the other hand, increase the risk of cyber attacks by 300 percent. Protection from network threats and risks arising from unmanaged devices is possible by choosing the right cyber security system.

Cyber ​​security is an important need for companies from almost every industry today. IoT (Internet of Things) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) devices cause security vulnerabilities as well as many benefits they provide.

In the past, cyber security investments, mostly in IT networks, digitalization and efforts to reach big data made OT networks a part of companies' own networks.

In addition to IT security, companies benefit from special cyber security solutions for OT (Operational Technologies) networks.


Providing high visibility in all IoT and ICS devices that are not managed in both IT and OT, CyberX protects industrial control systems from cyber attacks.

Offering continuous monitoring and cyber security vulnerability management on operational networks, CyberX clearly reveals how the devices in the entire network communicate and the cyber security risks with its detailed inventory architecture.

It provides high visibility on millions of unmanaged and compromised IoT devices such as cameras in businesses, wireless sensors, printers, smart TVs, and smart building devices.

CyberX, which extracts the entire OT network topology, detects all kinds of risks and vulnerabilities and ensures continuous monitoring. It can also be easily integrated with the SOC systems of the company IT department.

CyberX with a Microsoft company, the distributor in Turkey Ida serves with the process. For detailed information about CyberX and for an online demo, you can reach IDA Proses:

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