Bicycle Training for Women by IMM

Cycling Training for Women from IMM
Cycling Training for Women from IMM

IMM started a training program for more women to meet with bicycles and gain a habit of using them. In the project implemented under the leadership of IMM, the Netherlands Consulate General and Kadıköy In addition to the Municipality, the Chain Kiran Women group from the Barrier-Free Pedal Association took place.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Transportation has launched a new project to provide bicycle training to women. Kadıköy The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, where the use of bicycles became synonymous, also contributed to the project, supported by the Chain Kiran Women group from the Municipality and the Barrier-Free Pedal Association.

The work of IMM will be the scene of one of the best examples of women's solidarity and cooperation. September 12-13 Kadıköy15 women volunteers, who received cycling training on the Kalamış beach, will give driving training to 18 women every day at the Istanbul Bicycle House in Yenikapı between September 19-20-15. In the three-day training, 45 women will learn to ride a bicycle. Since each trainer will train women in groups of three, the social distance rule will also be followed. Due to the pandemic precautions, 400 women applied to the trainings with a limited number of participants to become trainers in a short time.

In the project, women who teach cycling will be given the title of “bicycle ambassadors” and they will be kept in touch with the women they teach cycling. This solidarity created will guide and inform other women on all issues related to cycling.


Speaking about bicycle training, Head of Transportation Department Utku Cihan stated that they will implement projects related to bicycle culture as well as bicycle transportation infrastructure works. Cihan said, “We care about women cycling. Cycling will contribute to women's freedom in terms of transportation. We think that by creating mothers with bicycles, we will instill the love of bicycles in children. Thus, we aim to spread the cycling culture to future generations ”.

The IMM Department of Transportation plans to continue the events that will be held on both sides of the city and in various districts throughout the year.



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