IMM Gives Covid-19 Training in Every Corner of Istanbul

IMM Gives Covid-19 Training in Every Corner of Istanbul
IMM Gives Covid-19 Training in Every Corner of Istanbul

IMM made the beginning of a new work in its fight against the pandemic. The project of IMM, "Covid 19 Information and Awareness Training", which aims to improve the sensitivity of Istanbulites about the epidemic, set out to reach every point of the city. The headman of Çatalca Subaşı Village, where the trainings took place, Bahri Çetin said that he was satisfied with the service provided and said, “No one can know without living. "Our people should be sensitive to obeying the rules."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Covid 19 Information and Awareness Training, which reminds everyone to follow the measures about the rising Covid - 19 cases, has started to be given in many points of the city. The trainings, which were carried out with the partnership of IMM Public Relations Directorate and Istanbul Family Consultancy and Education Centers (ISADEM), were held in Subaşı Village of Çatalca after Silivri and Şile. Residents in the village square were informed by ISADEM trainers about the measures to be taken against Covid 19 and the wrong known mistakes. The trainings, in which information leaflets, masks and hygiene kits are distributed, are planned to be carried out in 39 districts, spreading throughout Istanbul.


ISADEM Health Instructor Filiz Seyildi drew attention to the importance of trainings, stating that they can be anywhere. Stating that he explained how Covid-19 is transmitted and the ways of protection in the trainings, Seyildi said, “Especially the use of masks is very important. There are shortcomings in the correct use of the mask. Therefore, we are trying to teach the correct rules of using masks ”.

Saying that applying the rules of hygiene correctly is another way of protection, Seyildi made the following statement:

“As a people, we love to use bleach. Unfortunately, the wrong and overuse of bleach, one of the most toxic substances, kills some of the bacteria that keep our immune system strong. This opens the door to cancer. Everyone needs to follow the rules to get through this difficult process. Because a person's failure to follow the rules poses a serious risk of contamination. If we pay attention to these, I hope we will leave these days behind in a short time. "


Subaşı Village Headman Bahri Çetin, who recently caught Covid-19, expressed his satisfaction with the training given by IMM and thanked IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Stating that irresponsibility is common in obeying the rules, Çetin said, “Unfortunately, people do not care about this disease. I was working as a headman in Sosyal Vefa and I caught this disease at that time. I know very well what is happening, people don't understand some things before they happen to them. I got through and spent 14 days in quarantine. Thank God, nothing happened in my family. My advice to people is not to take this disease lightly. They should not neglect the necessary measures ”.


Halime Korkmaz, who participated in the training, said that they generally followed the rules and did their best to prevent the disease from spreading. Korkmaz thanked the IMM for providing such a training and stated that the training was beneficial for him. 10-year-old Umut Korkmaz said that he made some mistakes in the use of masks and that he learned how to use them correctly thanks to the training.

Ayşe Gürel stated that she realized that she used bleach too much with the training and added “There are things we know wrong. We had no knowledge. We have learned. Education has been very beneficial, health your feet. " Ayşe Yörük, on the other hand, stated that it is very good to provide education in their villages and said, “We pay great attention to cleanliness due to the corona. Whoever comes, we delete it immediately. But there were also mistakes we made. We learned all together, ”he said.



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