Göztepe City Hospital was Opened with a Ceremony

Göztepe City Hospital was Opened with a Ceremony
Göztepe City Hospital was Opened with a Ceremony

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Göztepe Prof. Dr. Süleyman Yalçın attended the City Hospital Opening Ceremony. After the opening, President Erdoğan and Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca visited the hospital.

President Erdoğan, in his opening speech, Göztepe Prof. Dr. Hoping that Süleyman Yalçın City Hospital will be beneficial to the country, nation and homeland, he congratulated everyone who contributed to bringing the hospital to Istanbul.

Afterwards, Erdoğan received detailed information about the hospital from the authorities with the live connections he made.

Following the brief briefing held with live connections, President Erdoğan said:

“These hospitals are through us, but our true owner nation. We built these hospitals with the support of our nation, and of course all our hospitals built are in the service of our nation. I hope you know, with all our doctors, we always say, “There is no valid object in the public, the state is like a state of health in the world.” In other words, everything is sacrificed for our people to take a healthy breath. It's that simple. ”

"We are experiencing a period in which the country has jumped in health"

Minister Fahrettin Koca, on the other hand, said in his speech that the days were passed when it was seen how important a strong health system is for the future of a country.

Today, Turkey's enviable health system indicating that they add another link that leverages the power of her husband, in line with the goals that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's show, said they experienced health in a period in which the country's era jump.

Stating that the Kovid-19 epidemic continues to be the number one agenda in the world, Koca said, “In such difficult times, a strong health system, an advanced infrastructure, and an indomitable healthcare personnel with a motto of self-sacrifice are needed. Although there are differences across the country due to the epidemic, the burden of our hospitals is increasing. Our competent healthcare personnel who shouldered this burden with great devotion are our proud ”said.

"Crowds who do not care for the distance, every step taken into the crowd, every forgotten mask, every neglected measure hurts not one, but dozens," Koca said, adding that this situation breaks the fighting power and makes the struggle against the pandemic difficult. Husband asked the citizens to comply with the measures sensitively.

Göztepe Prof. Dr. Expressing that Süleyman Yalçın City Hospital has been put into the service of the public as Istanbul's fourth city hospital, Koca said, “Our hospital, which we expect to meet an important need in Istanbul, is actually the first phase of a big project. Our building with 600 beds will serve with 177 operating rooms and 27 intensive care beds in a closed area of ​​96 thousand square meters. At the same time, 175 polyclinics will be able to examine patients. With the completion of the second phase of the hospital, 350 more beds will be added to the hospital complex ”.

Health Minister Koca thanked those who contributed to the opening of the hospital for the service of the citizen and to be a health door, and wished the hospital to be beneficial to all citizens, especially Istanbulites.

After the opening, President Erdoğan and his delegation visited the hospital's departments and made observations.

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