DS was in second Kalamış'ıyla the French Open third showroom in Turkey in Istanbul

DS was in second Kalamış'ıyla the French Open third showroom in Turkey in Istanbul
DS was in second Kalamış'ıyla the French Open third showroom in Turkey in Istanbul

Holding subsidiary in Turkey Koluman Monde Motor Vehicle Trade and Industry Inc. represented by the French luxury car brand DS, continues its investments without interruption. DS opened its first showroom in Istanbul in 2018 and its second showroom in Ankara last May, and now it started to serve under the name of "DS Store Istanbul Anatolia" in Kalamis, one of the most prestigious districts of Istanbul. DS Kalamış, the second showroom in Istanbul, is equipped with the most advanced technology in an area of ​​400 square meters without sacrificing luxury. If DS Kalamış Store customers want to experience the models, they will be able to test the cars during a 24-hour period.

"İzmir Showroom Opens in December"

Koluman Holding affiliate Monde Motorlu Araclar A.Ş. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Altuğ Erciş stated that they sold 8 DS units in the first 370 months of the year, including the epidemic period, and said, “In our third showroom opened in Kalamış, we are currently selling 7 different models, DS-3 and DS-2 Crossback. From April 2021 the elegant, powerful and ambitious sedan model, which has a sophisticated line of our line DS-9 will come to Turkey. DSR is one of Europe growing together with our 3 brands in the luxury segment this model will be on the rise in Turkey. As Koluman, we will continue our investments for DS, which represents French luxury in automotive, with the showroom we will open in Izmir in December. "We will continue to invest in different cities in 2021 and 2022," he said.

"There is no cancellation with SCT regulation"

Stating that the new SCT regulation and exchange rate fluctuations caused price increases especially in the luxury segment, Erciş said, “10 out of every 6 cars sold in our country are imported models. The new SCT regulation made to reduce the current account deficit and the costs arising from exchange rates raised the prices in the luxury segment. Our customers who had prepayed to purchase DS before and were waiting for their vehicles did not cancel their purchases due to the SCT difference. This is an indication of the interest in our brand ”.

"Premium Segment Won't Decline"

Erciş also noted that with the normalization process and the introduction of delayed demands, automobile sales broke records in the last two months, “With availability and unless there is a new epidemic threat, I anticipate that total automobile sales will close this year at the level of 650-700 thousand. The premium segment, on the other hand, will complete this year without a loss compared to last year, despite the SCT regulation and exchange rate increases ”.


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