Four Awards to Izmir Metropolitan in Healthy Cities Best Practice Competition!

Four Awards to Izmir Metropolitan in Healthy Cities Best Practice Competition!
Four Awards to Izmir Metropolitan in Healthy Cities Best Practice Competition!

Four awards at once in the “Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest” organized for the 11th time this year by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Healthy Cities Association. kazanwas.

The "Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest", which was organized for the 11th time this year by the Healthy Cities Association, kazanmoments became clear. In the competition where 35 member municipalities applied with 102 projects, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was deemed worthy of four awards. Participating in the competition with eight projects, the Metropolitan won an award in the category of Healthy City Planning with “Social Distance and Cycling Roads in İzmir”. kazanWhile, it received the Jury's Special Award in the category of "Agricultural Prediction and Early Warning System" in the category of Healthy Environment, "We Protect Our Mental Health in the Pandemic" and "People's Grocery" in the category of Social Responsibility.

Meeting under the presidency of Ruşen Keleş

In the competition held under the categories of "Social Responsibility", "Healthy Urban Planning", "Healthy Life" and "Healthy Environment", the jury received 9 from the "Metropolitan Municipalities Social Responsibility" category, 6 from the "Healthy Urban Planning" category, 8 from the "Healthy Life" category and It evaluated 13 projects from the "Environment" category. The projects of "Metropolitan District Municipalities" and "Provincial District Municipalities" were evaluated in four categories under a separate heading. Dr. The other members of the jury, made by Ruşen Keleş, were Prof. Dr. Feza Karaer, Prof. Dr. Emine Didem Evci Kiraz, Prof. Dr. Bülent Yılmaz, Prof. Dr. Tülin Vural Aslan, Assoc. Dr. It was composed of Asım Mustafa Ayten and Murat Ar.

The award ceremony of the competition is planned to be held in Edirne in October.

Award-winning projects

Social Responsibility Award - "People's Grocer"

The People's Bakkalı, which is among the election period promises of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, aims to support small producers, to enable cooperatives to market their products, and to enable consumers to reach healthy, economical and reliable food. With the project, it is aimed to increase employment in rural areas and prevent poverty in the city. The first one was opened in Kemeraltı, Konak Gültepe in a short time, Bayraklı Ozkanlar, Karşıyaka Reaching Kyrenia and Menemen Ulukent, People's Bakkalı opened its sixth branch in Buca Butchers Square. Izmir mainly in Turkey from all over the producers' cooperatives of the People is offered for sale as agentless their products Grocery branches in fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, a variety of breakfast items, pulses, olive oil, from spices and hygiene supplies, such as product group 400's of different products.

Healthy Life Award - "We Protect Our Mental Health in Pandemic"

The project, which was prepared to increase knowledge and awareness, to inspire trust and provide psychosocial support for all segments of society who need psychological support, especially citizens under 20 and over 65 who have curfews during the pandemic period, consists of informational materials and psychological support line. The information materials of the project carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Public Health include the books "Protective Mental Health in Pandemic" and "Tunç Soyer Tells Children about the New Coronavirus" and "Preventive Mental Health in Pandemic" and "Child-Adult Play in the Pandemic Process".

Healthy Environment Award - "Agricultural Forecasting and Early Warning System"

With the "Agricultural Forecasting and Early Warning System" project, which aims to reduce the effect of unusual weather changes on the producer due to global climate change, the producers' local temperature, air humidity, precipitation amount, wind speed and direction, soil temperature, insolation, soil moisture and so on. information is intended to be available. The project, run by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department and initiated in Kemalpaşa, Selçuk, Menemen, Bergama and Ödemiş districts, aims for the producers to receive early warnings against the climate and pests, as well as disinfection and irrigation recommendations, thus preventing losses in spraying and irrigation.

Healthy Urban Planning Award - "Social Distance and Bicycle Routes in İzmir"

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces projects for the development of public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle transportation infrastructure in order to reduce the use of motor vehicles within the scope of sustainable transportation policies, has been preserving social distance in İzmir with 40-kilometer "Separated Bicycle Roads", "Shared Bicycle Roads" and It aims to enable the society to adopt the new urban mobility. Büyükşehir started working on 400 hand and foot rests in order to ensure the safety of cyclists in traffic and to make them wait more comfortably, and applied nearly 40 bicycle parking devices at 500 points. Metropolitan, which continues its studies to determine 50 bicycle parking spots in 685 regions, increased the number of bicycle carrying apparatus from 60 to 292 in order to strengthen the bus-bicycle integration. Metropolitan added 10 new stations to the existing stations of BİSİM, which is a bicycle sharing system, in the last year, increasing the number of stations to 45. It is aimed to add five more stations by the end of the year. 70 tandem bicycles were added to the sharing system especially for the use of visually impaired cyclists.

European Bicycle Route Network (EuroVelo) from Turkey is the first city in Izmir, Bergama and Ephesus continues to work for the 500 km bike trail that connects the ancient city. 8 free repair kiosks and 500 bicycle pumps will be applied on the 35-kilometer route, which is the continuation of the EuroVelo 50-Mediterranean route.

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