Foça Walls Kordon Road Project Starts

Foça Walls Kordon Road Project Starts
Foça Walls Kordon Road Project Starts

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer continued his busy work in Foça and Menemen today. Mayor Soyer, who examined the infrastructure works on transportation carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in Foça, said that they will also start the Foça Walls Kordon Road Project, which will reveal the historical texture of the district. Mayor Soyer went to Menemen after Foça and received information about the projects carried out by the district municipality.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer went to Foça today and examined the infrastructure projects related to transportation carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and gave the start of new projects. Mayor Soyer went to Menemen after Foça and got information about the animal shelter, producer market and kindergarten works carried out by the municipality.

Foca Mayor Fatih Gürbüz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Brigade and municipal bureaucrats accompanied them.

Priority for pedestrians in Bağarası

President Soyer's first stop was Bağarası. Mayor Soyer, who examined the 550-meter-long pavement work completed on both sides of the road on the Izmir-Foça road, also said that they will build a pedestrian path to the vehicle bridge in the region to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

It will be the longest cycle route in the district

İsmail Ası, Deputy Mayor of Foça, made a presentation in Foça Municipality Campus and gave information about the projects planned to be implemented in the district. Stating that one of the most important needs of Foça is the road widening work between Opet Benzinlik and Yeni Municipality Building (Değirmenlik Caddesi), Ası said that with the completion of the project by the Metropolitan Municipality, the old Foça entrance can be easily connected to the new municipality campus and public institutions. Mayor Soyer made examinations in the area where road expansion work will be carried out on Değirmendere Street. The officials of the Department of Science Affairs stated that the patch and filling processes have been completed on the 3-meter part of the road to expand the road. When the project is completed, Değirmenlik Caddesi will meet an important need of the region with its two-lane road, bicycle path and pedestrian roads.

Within the scope of the President Soyer Foça program, he also met with the managers of the transport cooperatives in the old garage. President Soyer, who listened to the problems faced by the cooperative managers due to the pandemic, pointed out that it would be beneficial for the transportation cooperatives operating in the district to implement İZTAŞIT.

Modern walking path to Beşkapılar Castle

Mayor Soyer, who also examined the coastline within the scope of the Great Sea Coast Project, which Foça Municipality wanted to implement, went to Başkapılar Castle Walls, one of the important historical symbols of the district. Mayor Soyer met with the municipal bureaucrats about the works to be carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the Foça Walls 2nd Stage Kordon Road Project, the walking path in front of the Foça Castle walls will be arranged and illuminated on the 372-meter long coastline, viewing terraces will be built and information boards will be placed on the archaeological values ​​of the region. Sea water, which is located in the section between the castle walls and the walkway and creates pollution due to the absence of current, will be eliminated. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will create 6 culverts in the region and create current flows.

Intense tempo in Menemen

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer went to Menemen after the Foça program and visited important projects to be implemented by the district municipality. Receiving information from the Mayor of Menemen Serdar Aksoy about the Free Animal Shelter and Animal Hospital project with a capacity of 700 animals, which will be put into service in two months in Seyrek, Mayor Soyer's second stop in the district was the Producer Villagers Market, which will be opened two weeks later. Mayor Soyer then made observations at the old teacher home, which was bought by Menemen Municipality and which will be converted into a kindergarten and a kindergarten.

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