Where is Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion? How to go?

Where is Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion? How to go?
Where is Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion? How to go?

Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion is a building located on the shores of Şenlikköy neighborhood in Bakırköy district of Istanbul. Turkey's first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the special interests and to hear the result of the visits carried out from time to time in the cottage, built by the Istanbul Municipality's term, was a gift to Ataturk.

Architectural features

The pavilion was built on stilts that were erected on the sea floor 70 meters from the land, and a wooden pier was connected to the land by road. It has a reception hall, bedrooms, bathroom and library. When the mansion was first built, with the initiative of Atatürk, a grove was created as a garden in the meadow where the ruins of the abandoned Ayastefanos Monastery are located. This grove is called Florya Atatürk Ormanı today and is used as a public park. The pavilion is considered as one of the symbolic works of early republican architecture in Turkish architectural history.


In 1935, the architect Seyfi Arkan had his project drawn by the municipality; The construction was completed on 14 August in the same year and delivered to Atatürk. During his stay in Dolmabahçe Palace, Atatürk, who often came to the mansion by motorboat, entered the sea with the people. Atatürk used the summer office of the mansion at certain intervals for three years, and his last visit was made on May 28, 1938, a few months before his death. He stayed here for a long time, especially in June and July of 1936. The mansion also hosted important invitations and scientific meetings. Among the well-known guests hosted in the mansion, the King of England VIII. There are also Edward and the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. After the death of Atatürk, the presidents İsmet İnönü, Celal Bayar, Cemal Gürsel, Cevdet Sunay, Fahri Korutürk and Kenan Evren also used the mansion as a summer residence. Later, the pavilion became less used for reasons such as the region losing its former luster and the quality of seawater. On September 6, 1988, the mansion, which was under the administration of the National Palaces Department of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, was repaired and turned into a museum. Some parts of the pavilion were reserved as social facilities considering that it would serve the members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


Mansion Halkalı- It can be reached from the Florya stop of the Sirkeci suburban line and by the IETT buses numbered 73T operating between Florya and Yenibosna. The mansion, which serves as a museum, can be entered between 09.00-15.00 in the winter season, and between 09.00-16.00 in the summer season, except on Mondays and Thursdays.

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