First Impression: A Powerful Ride 'Fat Electric Bike' with a Tough Wide Wheel Electric Bike

"I am a liar! This is electricity, I'm really a fake! ”. These words go over my head. I want to scream. But I always smile.

One Tuesday afternoon in early June. Electric bike with wide defiant tires for testing, I use a narrow City Circuit near GearJunkie headquarters. It is advertised as the first commercially available bike of its kind.

The Defiant Bicycles company is located in Minnesota, a state where bicycles with wide tires were born (if not strongly spread). Defiant takes his bike to a new and powerful place and also adds a motor.
The pedal bike is a beast. It weighs about 50 kilos and costs $ 3.300. The company uses a 500W motor and five assist modes for pedaling on any terrain.

You can pedal at 20 miles per hour. By pedaling maximum, I felt like seventh heaven. Read on for the first review of my impressions of this bike.

Wide wheel E-bike: first tour

The first experience on an e-bike can be impressive. Part dirtbike and part bike, electric bike (e-fat) goes very fast and makes it very easy.

I cycling between 0 and 20 miles, with a comfortable and upright posture, even without sweating. By the way, I passed almost all the bikers on the route with one look. This seemed a little too cruel.

There is no accelerator. Defiant e-fat It runs on a bicycle-assisted pedal motor. The engine powers the rear wheel and pedaling.

The battery is attached to the frame and securely attached.

A scrolling display on the dashboard shows speed, power outage (in watts) and battery life. A large battery attached to the frame is connected to the rear wheel by motor cables.

At the highest setting, the battery takes about 25 miles, several rounds for us. In the lowest position, the bike is still fast and runs between 50 and 60 miles. The display shows real-time power failure in watts and alerts you when the battery is dead.

Review of wide wheel electric bike (E-Fat)

GearJunkie had a Bike with wide tires for a week and we tested it by running tests on uphill roads and a single track at the time.

The first test was to get around. An e-bike can replace a vehicle for many people. It's easy to do 10 miles or more with a bike like this and you can load it up to work or school and never sweat.

Defiant markets this bike as a means of moving freely from home to certain places. Of course, this is exciting for anyone who is in an urban environment - no wide tires or such bikes are needed for an urban network. However, Defiant and other brands are already selling road-ready electric bikes.

However, if you live in the north where snow is part of your route every year, consider a bike with wide tires. Many people in Minnesota move on a wide-wheeled bike every day during the winter. It's a plus point for urban driving: but Defiant blocking was a challenge. The wheels and chassis are too big and I couldn't use my u-pattern lock (I chose an Abus fold lock instead.

If I had easy access to the inner parking lot and didn't require transportation up and down stairs, I would be inclined to go to work on this bike. Too heavy to carry and get in.

My impression of the bike with wide wheels on the pavement

Bicycles with wide tires can pedal on all surfaces, but are particularly slow on pavement. Instead, with a motor, a bike with wide tires is fun and fast. You feel rubbery on the road - big tires stick on the asphalt, making corners fast and fun.

The bike was fast to reach the 20 miles per hour limit. Defiant adds a regulator to the system, so the maximum engine limit is 20 mph. Otherwise, the bike will change the category and require a different license.

However, the bike at 20 mph wants to go even faster. In particular, the gear ratio has been moved to the highest gear by far from a very high gear. It's like pushing the pedals wildly to set the bike to the lowest gear and move at the speed of the snail. Therefore, I could not ride at maximum speed with optimum pedaling.

Wide wheel e-Fat Bike electric bike on one track

I tested the bike on a single track near downtown Minneapolis. In a nutshell, I overcame everybody, cycle downhill to the maximum and climb uphill for an average of 10 miles per hour. I did three rounds to make one.
The weight of the bike makes it difficult to manage in narrow terrain with 50 kilos. Despite the strength of the rear wheel, its weight is cumbersome on hills, benches and especially in tight technical corners.

One piece is designed for traditional mountain bikes. Turns, jumps and Other features are all provided at specific speeds. I went much faster with the e-fat electric bike, which caused the speed to increase and slow down much more often. This isn't a bad thing, it just didn't seem like the best mod to ride this bike.

However, the bike was a blast. This puts you in the full hero role as you race on a single track. And despite the engine, it is also possible to train on this bike, albeit at a faster pace.

Components of the bike

  • Brakes: SRAM DB # hydraulic, 180mm front and rear rotors
  • Crank: crankset SRAM GX-1000 100mm Fatbike
  • Bottom bracket: SRAM gxp 100mm
  • Rear derailleur: SRAM X7, type 2, middle cage
  • Front hub: disc hub formula, 135mm
  • Rims: Alex Blizzerk 80mm aluminum
  • Tires: Innova Pro lv 26

Impressions: Electric bike with Defiant wide wheels

Founder Kevin Spreng explained to us that there was no way to describe an assisted pedaling sensation. I still had to ride one, and with my mind clear, I cycled happily as an Easter.
I recommend the Defiant electric bike, especially for those who want to have some fun on the tracks without sweating.
And for those in a snowy climate, the extra power is sure to make it a joy to walk paths and crossings every day.

With the mono-track, only a viewer is one whose physical ability is impaired. The "help" on the bike will allow anyone with knee problems or other ailments to keep up with younger and healthier riders.

For those wondering, just try one. Try an electric bike at your local bike shop and see what's good about it. Don't be surprised if you can't control the smile that will definitely happen to you.

Günceleme: 04/01/2023 09:01

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