Eyes on the Çiğli Tramway Turned to 20 October

Eyes Are Turned To 20 October In Çiğli Tram
Eyes Are Turned To 20 October In Çiğli Tram

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka- All of the companies participating in the prequalification tender organized for the construction of the 11-kilometer Çiğli Tramway that will serve between Çiğli were eligible to participate in the second stage of the tender. 17 companies, including international initiatives, will submit their financial offers at the tender to be held on 20 October.

The tender process of the Çiğli Tramvayı project has reached its end. All 11 companies, including international companies, received pre-qualification in the first phase of the two-stage tender for the construction of the 17-kilometer tram line, which will facilitate transportation to the hospital, university and industrial zone, as well as breathe the vehicle traffic. In the second phase of the tender to be held on October 20, companies will compete to undertake the construction of the tram line by submitting their financial offers. The company that makes the most suitable offer will win the tender for Çiğli Tramway. The construction of Çiğli Tramway, which is planned to start at the end of the year, will be completed in 2 years.

Transportation from Ataşehir to Mavişehir İZBAN station

Most of the 14-kilometer route, which will consist of 11 stations, was planned as a double line, passing through the middle medians of the existing streets and roads. Karşıyaka Çiğli Tram, which is the continuation of the Tram,

Tram line will increase to 32,6 kilometers

2017 kilometers in 8,8 KarşıyakaWith the introduction of the 2018 km Konak line in 12,8, tram became one of the most important elements of public transportation in İzmir. With the introduction of Çiğli Tramway, the length of the tram lines in İzmir will reach 32,6 kilometers.

42 tram vehicles will be purchased

One of the public transportation companies of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Metro A.Ş. On October 15, both Çiğli, Konak and Karşıyaka It will make a tender for the purchase of 42 tram vehicles to be used on tram lines. The vehicles will be delivered to Metro A.Ş. in stages within 42 months after the completion of the tender process.


Thanks to the public transportation investments that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has focused on with the aim of minimizing fossil fuel consumption in urban transportation, thousands of extra cars are prevented from polluting the air every day. In each tramway, enough passengers can be carried to fit 3 buses.

To Reach the Tender for Tram Vehicle Procurement CLICK HERE

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