ESO Automotive Industry in the League of Giants

ESO Automotive Industry in the League of Giants
ESO Automotive Industry in the League of Giants

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) became a partner of the European Automotive Clusters Network (EACN), established by important automotive clusters operating in Europe. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, passing on record as the first enterprise platform adopted from Turkey, the automotive sector is one of the most important umbrella organization in Europe eacn'n was accepted as the 20th member.

Stating that the European Automotive Clusters Network is an international platform established for a joint cooperation strategy and joint clustering activities, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “We set out to bring the automotive sector of our city to its deserved place, to ensure the development of the sector and to bring new investments to our city. first from Turkey and we are excited to be the only acceptable institutions. We will contribute to the automotive sector of our country and city, especially our domestic cars, with our members ”.

New collaborations are on the way

Sharing the knowledge that EACN operates with the aim of increasing cooperation between clusters and member companies operating in the automotive sector, Kesikbaş said, “We will work with cluster members in Europe to create new business opportunities, to encourage collaborative research projects and for joint investments based on modernization in the industry of the future. . "We will carry out various activities and projects in order to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and to build strategic cooperation between regions."

Great prestige for Eskişehir

Turkey only from Eskisehir 8 partners in eacn where a total of eight countries with the participation of the Chamber of Industry clustering, a thousand more than 20 member companies and the President of the ESO said represented the research institute Kesikbaş, the EACN cluster members underlined that employ the person for more than 500 thousand .

Stating that the Eskişehir automotive industry will be represented in the league of giants with the EACN membership, which will provide significant advantages in terms of the promotion, prestige and new business connections of Eskişehir automotive industry, Kesikbaş said, “Our country will be represented with the participation of ESO. We expect the partnership to make serious contributions to ESO member companies and Eskişehir automotive industry. "Good luck to our city, especially to our automotive industry."

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