Give a Date for Erzincan Gümüşhane Trabzon Railway Project

Give a Date for Erzincan Gümüşhane Trabzon Railway Project
Give a Date for Erzincan Gümüşhane Trabzon Railway Project

Erzincan Gumushane Trabzon Railway Platform sözcüM. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, Şaban Bülbül and Mustafa Yaylalı, in their joint statement, stated that it is not the costs of transportation projects such as railways, but the strategic advantages it will bring to countries, and said, “Erzincan - Gümüşhane - Trabzon line extends from the Baltic countries to the North - South corridor. It is an important and strategic route for us to connect ”.

Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon Railway Platform sözcüStating that the cities and the region on the line are waiting for the construction tender date, they said:

“Investment costs are not taken into consideration in transportation and similar investments such as railways. The important thing is the strategic advantage that the investment will bring to the country. It is the value it will bring internationally. There is an investment in the future and strategy. East and West transportation corridor between supporting the middle rising trade in Turkey, the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway Project and the Marmaray Project with uninterrupted access to London than Beijing dropped to 15 days. Now this corridor will connect the Black Sea and other transportation corridor also supported by Turkey line North - South corridor with overlap, it must be brought together. Erzincan - Gümüşhane - Trabzon Railway Project gains importance in this respect. The North - South Corridor opens to the Black Sea by waterway starting from the Baltic countries. The corridor connects to Iran and Middle Eastern countries via Trabzon Port. between the two ends of the Middle East and the Baltic countries of the corridor are the infrastructure of a major trade by providing duty Turkey bridges, "he said. The statement continued as follows:

“Erzincan - Gümüşhane - Trabzon Railway Project is also important for adding our valuable mineral reserves, especially Gümüşhane, to the economy. The biggest dream of our region is the connection of the railway to Trabzon Investment Island and Industrial Zone and Rize Logistics Zone, which are under construction with the instructions of our President. This dream is for the development and diversification of trade in this geography, especially in our country. We firmly believe that the construction tender of the Erzincan - Gümüşhane - Trabzon Railway Project will start after the good news of our President to our region and that it will be a signature in this great investment that has been going on for 100 years. "

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