General Directorate of Security to Recruit 400 Guardians

General Directorate of Security to Recruit 400 Guardians
General Directorate of Security to Recruit 400 Guardians

A total of 400 men graduates of at least high school and equivalent school will be recruited to be employed in the Istanbul Police Department.

Candidates are between 19 September - 02 October 2020 They will be able to make their pre-applications by logging in with their e-government password.

Entry conditions for the said purchase are stated below. The exam schedule for the purchase is from the official website of the Police Academy ( will be announced.

It is important to disregard statements made from other sources.


  • a) be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • b) To be a graduate of at least high school or its equivalent,
  • c) To be at least 167 cm tall,
  • d) Body mass index being between 18 (inclusive) and 27 (inclusive).
  • e) To be residing in the provincial borders of Istanbul for at least one year,
  • f) Having completed the military service,
  • g) Having completed the age of 18 (born on or before 18) and under the age of 19.09.2002 (born on and after 31), provided that the age before correction is taken into account in the age corrections made after the age of 19.09.1990,
  • h) Not to be convicted of imprisonment due to heavy imprisonment or imprisonment for embezzlement, rebellion, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of faith, fraudulent bankruptcy or any other disgraceful act, even if they have been imprisoned for more than six months or pardoned,
  • i) Not being recognized as notorious according to Turkish society convictions,
  • j) Not to be deprived of public rights, not to be convicted of deprivation of public services,
  • k) Not having any obstacle to civil service,
  • l) Not having a legal obstacle to carrying weapons or performing armed duties,
  • m) To fulfill the conditions specified in the Police Organization Health Conditions Regulation,
  • n) The candidate himself and, if married, his spouse; Having worked in brothels, mergers, appointments and similar places where prostitution is carried out alone, or having not been involved in acts of intermediary and observance, producing and selling all kinds of written, audio and video works that are contrary to general morality and decency, regardless of the material recorded or gambling, drugs or Not continuing any judicial or administrative investigation or prosecution due to the stimulating substance, not being imposed on administrative sanctions or not being convicted for these acts,
  • o) Not being treated for alcohol, drug or stimulant substance use, or not being treated,
  • p) Not being expelled from police training institutions for any reason, except for the provisions of the Health Regulations,
  • q) Not to have participated in, supported or participated in the actions, meetings, marches and rallies of terrorist organizations and their legal or illegal extensions,
  • r) Not being a member of any political party or subsidiary organizations of political parties at the time of application,
  • s) Security investigation and archive search to be positive.


WARNING: Since the applications of the candidates with the status of spouse or children of martyrs or disabled persons will be made by our Agency, the petitions of the candidates (name, surname, TR ID number, address, quota province, 2 contact numbers, graduation status) and the certificate of martyrdom or duty disability approved by the relevant institution They must send the sample to the fax number 0 312 462 87 29 between the pre-application dates.

WARNING: 2020/1. Among the candidates applying for the Period Market and Neighborhood Guard Exam;

  • Those who have paid the application fee but cannot or cannot make pre-application online,
  • Those who do not apply personally even though they have made their pre-application or who do not fulfill any of the application requirements, who do not take the exam, cannot take the exam, have not taken the exam, have been removed from the exam,
  • Failing the Candidate Evaluation and Selection Exam,
  • Paying a fee for a transaction that does not require a fee or depositing more than one fee for the same transaction,
  • Candidates who do not pay the exam fee on their behalf will not be refunded in any way.

Candidates know when and where they will apply and take the exam. They will learn from the internet address. In addition, candidates will not be notified by mail or other means of communication. Internet advertisement is a notification. Exam dates of candidates cannot be changed after they are finalized and announced on the internet. The responsibility arising from not being able to attend the applications and exams in person due to not following the internet advertisement belongs to the candidates.

WARNING: Candidates who come to the Application and Exam Center in person; It is forbidden to keep mobile phones, audio, video, recording device or other similar electronic equipment.

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