E-Trial System Introduced

E-Trial System Introduced
E-Trial System Introduced

At the meeting of the Presidential Cabinet held on Monday, Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül made a presentation on the steps taken in the field of digitalization in the judiciary. The presentation on the E-Trial, which the Ministry aims to popularize after the pilot implementations, also included steps to be taken regarding artificial intelligence applications in the judiciary.

Gül presented the point reached and the steps taken in the field of digitalization in the judiciary to the cabinet. In the presentation, which was stated in the judicial reform strategy paper, "digital transformation in the judiciary and thus facilitating the work of the citizens" was stated, information was given about the "E-hearing" system. It was stated in the document that the program was designed to provide voice and image participation to the hearings from outside the courthouse, “Although the studies have started before, e-hearings have been accelerated due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The application, lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and experts will benefit ”.

In the presentation, how the system will work was explained as follows: “One of the basic elements that dominate the judgments is the element of face-to-face. Participation in hearings with sound and sight is an exception. E-hearing application will be used primarily by lawyers and will include parties, witnesses and experts during the implementation process. The e-hearing depends on the lawyer's request and the judge's acceptance. The request must be sent to the system 24 hours before the hearing. In case of acceptance of the request, the e-hearing is conducted via live video conference at the hearing hour. Participation in the E-Hearing sessions and the recording of the sessions were ensured at a high level. "

In the presentation, which stated that “time and effort savings” will be achieved with the “E-Trial” system, “Our citizens will receive justice services more effortlessly. Civil proceedings will be resolved in a reasonable time and with less cost. It is aimed to increase the satisfaction with the justice services, the density of the courthouses will be reduced by ensuring that our citizens receive services without going to the courthouse ”.

In the presentation, it was stated that the average cost of a courtroom system in SEGBİS is approximately 200 thousand TL, but in the "e-hearing" system, this cost is around 15-20 thousand TL.

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