The Size of the World Drone Leader in China Will Increase to $ 8.75 Billion

The Size of the World Drone Leader in China Will Increase to $ 8.75 Billion
The Size of the World Drone Leader in China Will Increase to $ 8.75 Billion

In recent years, interest in drones, whose usage area has gradually expanded and played a critical role in the pandemic period, has increased. According to experts, China is now seeking to play a dominant role in the world pilotless aircraft systems industry after launching its first international norm for the industry. The new norm, led by China, is for the categorization and classification of pilotless civil aircraft systems, which are the basis of safe operating protocols for the drone industry.

According to International Data Corp data, China is now the leader of the civilian drone space with DJI, the top manufacturer and controlling more than 70 percent of the global industry.

The figures from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that the drone market in China will grow by 40 percent each year, with a production value of 60 billion yuan ($ 8,75 billion) by the end of this year.

Shu Zhenjie, deputy chief engineer of China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment AVIC, which is the basic research institute for establishing defense and aerospace procedures norms, said that obtaining the necessary approvals and the second international norm for these systems was achieved after about 2,5 years of studies. The UK established the first norm in this area at the end of last year.

Three years ago, China launched a plan for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. This made the development of drone systems a national priority and paved the way for the country to aim to become a global leader in artificial intelligence before 2030.

The development of the drone industry gained further momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic; Because during this period, drones were used more and more as basic tools for providing and transporting medical resources and spraying disinfectants to the cities of the country.

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