Dümbüllü's Turban Has Switched From Rasim Öztekin to Şevket Çoruh

Dümbüllü's Turban Has Switched From Rasim Öztekin to Şevket Çoruh
Dümbüllü's Turban Has Switched From Rasim Öztekin to Şevket Çoruh

İsmail Hakkı Dümbüllü's turban was transferred from Rasim Öztekin to Şevket Çoruh in a special ceremony organized with the support of IMM. Attending the night with a video message, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, "We, as Istanbul, will continue to support the Turkish theater and create the freest spaces for the future of theater.

The turban of İsmail Hakkı Dümbüllü, which is considered to be the symbol of the comedy tradition of the Turkish Theater, was handed over to the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater last night. In the night, which was held with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), entrusted to Şevket Çoruh from the 5th Kavuklu Rasim Özteki. The 6th Kavuklu's IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and the 4th Kavuklu Ferhan Şensoy attended the night with their video messages, along with the veteran theater actors Haldun Dormen, Müjdat Gezen, Mustafa Alabora, Güner Özkul, Müjgan Ferhan Şensoy and Pelin Öztekin and the İBB President. Consultant Murat Ongun, IMM Deputy Secretary General Şengül Altan Arslan, and IMM Culture Department Head Hülya Muratlı attended the meeting.


Participating in the night with a video message, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu expressed his gratitude to Rasim Öztekin and Şevket Çoruh for being instrumental in the Kavuk Handover Ceremony, which is very important in terms of the symbol, which Istanbul hosts. In his message, Imamoglu said, “As Istanbul, we will continue to support Turkish theater and create the freest spaces for the future of theater. Kavug to our home to this landmark development on behalf of Turkey, we are proud on behalf of Istanbul, "he said.


Speaking at the Handover Ceremony, Öztekin said that he wanted to hand over Kavuk after his doctor did not allow him to perform live due to his heart disease. Öztekin conveyed his thanks and gratitude to all healthcare professionals in the fight against coronavirus, especially the doctor who restored him to his health and connected him to life.

Stating that they are planning to realize the handover on the World Theater Day, Öztekin noted that they could not realize these thoughts due to the coronavirus pandemic. Öztekin stated that what they wanted to hold the ceremony in the open air was realized upon the support of IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu with the words "Kavuk came out of Istanbul, this is the job of Istanbul, we undertake this job" and thanked Mayor İmamoğlu.

During the handover process of Kavuk, he had Şevket Çoruh in his mind and explained this idea to his teacher Ferhan Şensoy; Öztekin stated that he said “What are you talking about, my teacher?” After Şensoy said “It is a very good decision, my brother”, he immediately called Şevket Çoruh with the approval of his master.


Öztekin stated that Müjdat Gezen, Haldun Dormen and Mustafa Alabora were their conservatories even though they did not play mutually. “Most of them are now watching from above; Erol Günaydın, Tuncel Kurtiz, Savaş Dinçel and Münir Özkul ”.


Sixth Kavuklu Şevket Çoruh, who took over Kavuk from Öztekin, said, “Kavuk is given to me for the first time when the master with two turbans was alive. One of them is Ferhan Şensoy, who wrote many great plays and books, founded the Watch Theater and Ortaoyuncular, and inspired us. The other one is Rasim Öztekin, who fascinates us with every role. ” Çoruh continued his speech with the words “My friend is right”, which the storytellers have said since past.

Referring to cope with challenges in Turkey since the first period of the theater Coruh, "poverty is a tradition of the Masters: Rashid Rahman opened a restaurant called our restaurants. Hazım Körmükçü sold lottery tickets in Beyoğlu. Naşit Özcan opened a lottery shop in Beyazıt. "If the pandemic continues like this, do not forget to buy simit from us." Coruh, how it affects the theater of the pandemic period, they live in these days of political drama and theater yesterday in Turkey, political, drew attention to the economic difficulties.


Another name who attended the Kavuk Cycle Delivery Ceremony with a video message, 4th Kavuklu Ferhan Şensoy said, “This is a thorny road, but you can clear the thorns, Şevket said,“ Tonight is also celebrated in paradise, Kel Hasan Efendi, İsmail Dümbüllü, Münir Özkul us He said, "From Heaven."

The night, which witnessed rare moments in our theater tradition, ended with a special screening of the play "Bir Baba Hamlet" starring Şevket Çoruh and Murat Akkoyunlu after the Kavuk Transfer Ceremony.

Tickets sold out days in advance and all ticket revenue Contemporary Living transferred to a new generation who are the future of Turkey by the Association for Supporting night pandemic rules while performing in accordance with, you can testify to everyone who wants to say Turban Handover Ceremony, IMM Chairman Ekrem Imamoglu YouTube His account was broadcast live on the Twitter accounts of İBB and İBB TV.



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