WHO Istanbul Emergency Office was Inaugurated

WHO Istanbul Emergency Office was Inaugurated
WHO Istanbul Emergency Office was Inaugurated

Republic of Turkey and the World Health Organization (WHO) under the agreement made between "Humanitarian and Emergency Preparedness Health", which will operate in discrete geographic areas of WHO's office in Istanbul, Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca and WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. It was opened with a ceremony attended by Hans Kluge via video conference method.

Minister of Health Koca, WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. He started by expressing his pleasure to come together with Kluge within the scope of another important health initiative.

Expressing that the relations with WHO, their closest partners in the field of health, continue to develop more layered and multi-dimensionally than ever before, Koca said, “Under the leadership of our President, our country has been in the field of health in the last 20 years. kazanWith its successes, our role in both regional and global health is increasing. From our past experiences kazanOur health system, which has been strongly rebuilt in the light of the lessons learned, and our humanitarian diplomacy, which is the cornerstone of our foreign policy, have been the two most important pillars of our active role in regional and global health. Our relations with WHO, our closest partner in the water process, have continued to develop on the basis of mutual benefit.”

Stating that he is pleased to open the WHO Istanbul Office for Humanitarian and Health Emergencies, which is one of the most concrete examples of this cooperation and whose financial agreement they signed in July, Koca said:

“The office, which has been working since 2013, aims to contribute to regional and global health by blending WHO technical expertise with its leading role in humanitarian and health emergencies in our country.

This office will operate in areas such as response to humanitarian crises, emergency prevention and response, risk management and capacity building in the European region, especially Kovid-19, which has affected the world. In addition, the office's work on the Kovid-19 pandemic will also shed light on the fight against the pandemic, as it is unique in its field and will only work with financial and technical capacity for humanitarian and health emergencies. With all these efforts, the Istanbul Office will contribute to the pioneering role of our country in humanitarian and health emergencies and the further development of the networks it has established, and will make our country a center in this field. I wish the office to be an office that not only addresses the needs of our region, but also offers global outputs and wish it to be beneficial for global and regional health ”

In his speech at the ceremony he attended in Copenhagen, Kluge stated that today is very important and continued his words as follows:

“We are opening this center when the world is going through a pandemic that has never been seen before. We're talking about a health emergency that can only happen to people in a century, causing one million deaths and nearly 30 million infections worldwide. But in the face of this challenge, the opening of our geographically separated office also reveals how important human resistance, hope and hope together are. Besides, of course, it shows us how important global and regional solidarity is. In this way, we will be defeating this virus anyway. "

Thanks to President Erdogan

Expressing his wish to thank President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his speech, Kluge said, “Mr. Erdogan presented such a vision that it was instrumental in the establishment of the UN office. I've already forward it to the Honorable Ministers, next time I want to thank him personally when I visited Turkey on this issue, "he said.

The final agreement regarding the opening of the Office, which will also operate in health emergencies and epidemics, especially in the fight against Covid-19, is the Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca and WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. Signed by Hans Kluge on 9 July 2020 in Ankara.

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