Accessories That Are Important When Choosing A Dental Unit

Firstly dental unit While choosing, we would like to point out that dentist chair prices are not the only criteria, and that the process should be handled within the design, functionality and accessory components as well as the price. In this article, we would like to give information about "accessory components in dental units", and perhaps 2 issues that are not taken into consideration when choosing a dental unit.

  • Although the dental work light is defined under accessory components, it has a tremendous impact on the quality of dental treatment. Lighting affects the energy and mood of a person in any given place. Three types of work lights are used in dentistry: conventional light bulb, halogen light and LED lights. Conventional bulb and halogen light emit heat, negatively affecting the treatment.


  • The assistant module contains the bowl or saliva and suction tubes connected to the main suction unit. Ceramic bowl shaped bowl is the widely preferred type. The removable spittoon is very useful for a hygiene level if you are higher.

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