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10 out of 8 organizations report that thieves target personal data. Drawing attention to the fact that malicious attacks cause half of the data breaches experienced, Komtera Teknoloji Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun lists 7 important steps companies should take in order to prevent data breaches.

Data Breach Report 524 Cost research results conducted on 2020 organizations revealed that companies suffer serious damage due to data breaches. In the study, which revealed that the average annual cost of data breaches to companies is $ 3,86 million, it was also reported that the cost of each data record breach ranged from $ 140 to $ 170. Stating that storing data in wrong environments has an important role in violations, as well as cyber attacks, Komtera Technology Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun says that companies must take steps to minimize cyber security risks.

Stolen data costs $ 146 per record and personal data $ 175

The type of data in which the breach occurred is also important in the costs of companies per data record. In the study, where 10 out of 8 organizations report a special focus attack on personal data, stolen or lost data cost companies an average of $ 146 per record, while personal data costs $ 175 per record. In addition, reminding that these data breaches cause long-term loss of business continuity in companies, Gürsel Tursun underlines that both reputation and financial loss can hit companies greatly. Stating that companies do not have a roadmap against the cyber risks they carry is one of the most important deficiencies, Tursun lists 7 important steps that companies should pay attention to to reduce their cyber risks.

  1. Give priority to employee training.
  2. Establish a safe patch and update process.
  3. Consult their authentication.
  4. Control access to accounts.
  5. Don't forget to backup data.
  6. Increase the security of mobile devices.
  7. Do not hesitate to seek professional support.

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