About Tiled Kiosk

Where is Tiled Pavilion?
Where is Tiled Pavilion?

Tiled Kiosk is a mansion from 1472, located inside the outer walls of Topkapi Palace. Ottoman sultan II. It was built by Mehmed as a summer palace or mansion. Although its architect is not certain, some sources state that it was built by Architect Atik Sinan. It is also known as Sırça Köşk or Sırça Saray.

Between 1875 and 1891, it served as the Museum-i Hümayun (Imperial Museum). It was opened to the public as the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in 1953. It was later included in the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Iznik tiles and ceramics from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods are exhibited in the museum.

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