Tourist Arrangement for Bursa Irgandı Bridge

Tourist Arrangement for Bursa Irgandı Bridge
Tourist Arrangement for Bursa Irgandı Bridge

The historical Irgandı Bridge in Bursa's Osmangazi district, the world's first bazaar bridge, will come to life with the arrangements to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The Irgandı Çarşılı Bridge, which has witnessed the history of Bursa for 576 years by resisting natural disasters and wars, is getting ready to be the favorite of tourism. Known as the only bridge between the Ottomans and whose examples are only in Italy and Bulgaria in the world, the bridge will be a popular destination for tourists with the intervention of the Metropolitan Municipality. The biggest deficiency of the bazaar bridge, which currently hosts workshops that are busy with traditional folk arts, is the lack of a parking space for tour buses carrying tourists. This great concern of the bridge craftsmen will disappear with the touch of the Metropolitan Municipality. Parking for tourist buses will be built on the north-east facade of the Irgandı Bridge. Other demands of the bridge tradesmen will be fulfilled quickly 'in a way that will appeal to local and foreign tourists'. When the studies are completed; Irgandı Çarşılı Bridge will double its value further in terms of tourism location.

Call from President Aktaş

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the Historical Irgandı Bridge before the works to be done. Visiting the shops on the bridge with the representatives of the tradesmen, listening to the demands and troubles, Mayor Aktaş said that after the necessary intervention was made and the deficiencies were eliminated, the bridge with the bazaar would regain its old charm. kazanhe said he would. Noting that Bursa is home to dozens of beautiful historical and cultural monuments, and the Historical Irgandı Bridge is one of them, Mayor Aktaş stated that the traditional values ​​that are now 'forgotten' are preserved on the historical bridge. President Aktaş said, “We have calligraphers here. Different arts are practiced. In this sense, I invite our compatriots and those who visit Bursa to breathe this air.” President Alinur Aktaş emphasized that the tradesmen applied to them due to the deficiencies in the bridge with the bazaar, and that's why the visit took place, "We came with our bureaucrats and made our determinations. If we are lucky, we will soon implement the regulations regarding the bridge with the bazaar," he said.

On the Irgandı Çarşılı Bridge, built in 1442 on Gökdere, connecting Bursa's Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts, there are many art houses from mother-of-pearl to tile work.

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