Bicycle Use Will Be The Solution To Konya's Traffic Problem

Bicycle Use Will Produce A Solution To Konya's Traffic Problem
Bicycle Use Will Produce A Solution To Konya's Traffic Problem

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay met with the representatives of local and widespread press organizations in the city and evaluated the agenda and investments. Mayor Altay, who gave information about projects such as the National Garden, Alaaddin Street Facade Arrangement, Mevlana Bazaar and its surrounding, 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games, Meram Final Stop Parking Lot, bicycle investments, tablet distribution to students, agricultural supports, high-speed train underpasses, He also answered his questions. Mayor Altay said that they carried out exemplary works in municipal work.

Speaking about the bike that resonates throughout Turkey tram President Altai, "Konya; With its current geographic structure, old cycling habit and existing physical infrastructure, which we have built 550 kilometers of bicycle paths so far, it is by far ahead of other cities. Konya and bicycle will be remembered much more together. One of the important awareness for this was the bicycle tram. A tramway was formed in which 21 bicycles could travel on its special apparatus and the driver could travel at the same time. This has also been a very important awareness project, while facilitating the use of bicycles. Because the bicycle tram travels in accordance with our schedule on our city rail line. " gave his statements.

Bicycle Use Will Produce A Solution To Konya's Traffic Problem

Stating that they wish to increase the use of bicycles, Mayor Altay said, “There were some concerns in the use of public transportation vehicles during the pandemic process. Bicycle use is both healthy and will provide a solution to Konya's traffic problem. Our bicycle paths are close to 350 kilometers in the center, but there was a connection problem especially in the central areas. I hope we will build a new cycle path of 2023 kilometers by 84. We won a very important grant project from the European Union on this. Thus, you will be able to reach anywhere in Konya by bicycle without interruption. We are planning to build parking lots for bicycles only. In addition, we create bicycle areas in our parking lots. Again, we are adding to our Intelligent Public Transportation System ATUS. We will also implement ABUS, the Smart Bicycle Application, as soon as possible. We will install bicycle apparatus on all of our buses. Bicycle is a means of public transportation in Konya. We are trying to integrate this public transportation vehicle with other public transportation vehicles. We will integrate them into our trams, buses and parking lots. " used the expressions.

Bicycle Master Plan Will Be An Example

Konya, Turkey, the President reminded that the first city that the Altai Bicycle Master Plan, "as it has a benefit. We had the master plan approved by our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Thus, the criteria in the Bicycle Master Plan for Konya became a standard for other cities. Now everyone has to look at the Konya Bicycle Master Plan and prepare their own master plan according to those standards. I believe that the subject of cycling will go much further in Konya. I hope people will use bicycles as a means of public transportation, as in many European cities. " made the explanation.

High Speed ​​Train Underpasses Will Be Compliant with Standards

Stating that there are some problems in the physical structure of the high-speed train underpasses in the Meram region due to expropriation and zoning, Mayor Altay said, “We hope to bring the Hasanköy Underpass to the standard in 2021 in the three underpasses we identified in Meram. In three years, we will bring all underpasses in Meram to Konya standard. " he spoke.

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