East Black Sea Railway Route Statement from Bayburt TSO

East Black Sea Railway Route Statement from Bayburt TSO
East Black Sea Railway Route Statement from Bayburt TSO

Süleyman Seyhan, Chairman of the Board of Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO), made a statement about the high-speed train route that has been on the agenda recently.

Bayburt TSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Süleyman Seyhan made the following statements in his statement:

“The need to make a statement as Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry about the developments on the high-speed train route, which has recently been brought to the agenda again in the public, so to speak, storms were broken in a glass of water and which are wanted to be turned into a source of tension between Trabzon, Rize, Gümüşhane and our city by some courts. has been produced.

First of all, it should be noted that, if not intentional, we follow some explanations that we think are due to ignorance.

As Bayburt business representatives, we have repeatedly declared to the public and our interlocutors that we do not see the issue as "No matter what happens and at what cost, as long as the railway passes through Bayburt" ... In this respect, the files we prepared as Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry are our President and our Minister of Transport. Among these files, Karadeniz Technical University Transportation Department and Prof. Dr. There are also scientific reports showing that the most suitable route in terms of geological, geographical advantages and cost calculation in the light of the studies and scientific reports presented by Mr. Fazlı Çelik is the line to pass through Bayburt.

Within the scope of the said study, it was determined that the optimum connection to Trabzon Port was via Bayburt in the horizontal and vertical route studies carried out on topographic maps with a scale of 1/25000 scale and when compared with the line that will pass over Bayburt in the report;

  • The route length is much shorter,
  • Total tunnel length is much less,
  • Total bridge length is much less,
  • The cost of construction is much lower,
  • The construction time is much shorter,
  • It is more geologically stable and more problem-free,
  • Maintenance costs are much lower,
  • Operating expenses are much lower,
  • Environmental damage and pollution is much less,
  • Energy consumption is much lower,
  • Time saving is much more and
  • It has been demonstrated that the public interest is much more.

In the light of the parameters mentioned in the report and mentioned above, we hereby emphasize once again that the public resource is too sacred to be sacrificed for a city nationalism ... As the Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is our desire and acceptance that the advice of science and whatever the interests of our country require ... There is no explanation for the waste of public resources so that the railway passes through our city. Isn't it our natural right to expect the same sensitivity from our citizens of Gümüşhaneli? In addition to other scenarios, we cannot find an explanation for opposing even the study of the possible route that will pass through Bayburt. And we think that this attitude does not suit the mission of the circles that we expect to share with the sensitivities we have highlighted above ...

We underline once again that the work that is currently being voiced in the public opinion and on which various discussions are experienced is not the construction of the line but a `` route study '' ... And to carry out this study, from our Deputy to our Governor, from our Mayor to the past mayors and directors of our chamber and to us as the current administration, there are efforts of large groups. …

On this occasion, it should be reminded to our esteemed citizens that even the Kars-Erzincan and Erzincan-Sivas lines, which are the main axes, have not yet started to be built. Planning for the line to be given to the Black Sea over this main axis continues for many years and studies of all possible routes are being carried out ... A significant part of these routes, which are considered the most suitable for now and roughly, pass through Bayburt ...

On this occasion, we urge our esteemed public to disregard those who distort the issue from time to time in our city and try to manipulate our citizens, Mr. Naci Ağbal, the President of the Presidency Strategy and Budget, with whom we follow the works together, our Deputy Mr. Fetani Battal, Our Governor Mr. Cüneyt Epcim, Our Mayor Mr. Judgment I would like to express my gratitude to stakeholder individuals and institutions, especially Pekmezci, and their valuable managers.

Whatever science says will be what our country's interests require, and we are aware that the route through Bayburt is more advantageous and more applicable than the other route in all these parameters. Let's just wait for the results of the studies. " Best regards ...

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