President Soyer EuroVelo Opens 8th Mediterranean Route Izmir Route

President Soyer EuroVelo Opens 8th Mediterranean Route Izmir Route
President Soyer EuroVelo Opens 8th Mediterranean Route Izmir Route

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer attended the official opening program of EuroVelo 8th Mediterranean Route İzmir Route. Soyer, 500-kilometer route from Ephesus-Pergamon said they were proud to be involved in this international network in the city of Izmir in Turkey only.

The official opening of EuroVelo 8th Mediterranean Route Izmir Route, which promotes the creation, support and operation of a sustainable Trans-European Transport Network in the entire European Continent by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was held with the participation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. Speaking at the ceremony held in the ancient city of Teos in Seferihisar, Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that İzmir's inclusion in this transportation network made them proud. Soyer says “When we think of cycling, we think of sport and health. "The bicycle, which also provides transportation at the same time, has now turned into a sustainable tourism instrument."

 "A great pride for Izmir"

Stating that EuroVelo is an extraordinarily strong prestige brand, President Tunç Soyer said: “EuroVelo is also a very good instrument for sustainable tourism. Because it is an instrument that is not limited to the sea and sand season and makes it possible to go beyond the classical tourism destinations. It is entered only from Izmir in Turkey and last year's 500-kilometer route Efe Bergama's really a great honor for the city to be included in this international network. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department for making this possible. They really made us all proud. And I wish that new routes will be added to international routes under this international brand. "

The video sent by Christopher Najdovskı, President of the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) and Deputy Mayor of Paris, was also watched on the program. Then EuroVelo Turkey National Coordinator of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (ENVERÇEVKO) Feridun Baking Association on behalf of Adnan Canga, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer gave a plaque of appreciation for their contribution. As part of the program, the cyclists who took a bicycle tour between Teos Ancient City and Azmak Bay cycled approximately 17 kilometers. The program ended after the bicycle tour.

It will create a sustainable economy for many sectors

Last year, the European Cyclists Federation accepted Izmir's request to be included in EuroVelo, with a 500-kilometer bicycle route connecting the ancient cities of Bergama and Ephesus. With İzmir joining this network, contribution will be made to the sustainable tourism, transportation and economic development of the city. Tourists with bicycles coming to Izmir with the EuroVelo Route; It will create a sustainable economy for many sectors by visiting accommodation points, eating and drinking places, historical and cultural values.



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