Audi's Robotic Suit Tested at Skelex Oto Maslak!

Audi's Robotic Suit Tested at Skelex Oto Maslak!
Audi's Robotic Suit Tested at Skelex Oto Maslak!

Skelex, the robotic suit developed by Audi AG, had been tested by Doğuş Otomotiv-Audi in Oto Maslak in the past months. Participating in the tests, Turkish technicians gave full marks to the robotic suit, saying that working conditions became easier and their efficiency increased. Clothing in Istanbul next year, after which Turkey will be introduced in the Audi Authorized Service Centers worldwide.

Audi AG in Ingolstadt, being used in order to make the working conditions more comfortable Skelex ergonomic power plant support system in Turkey by Doğuş Otomotiv-Audi also began to be used in the pilot project last month.

After the tests carried out at Audi Authorized Service Doğuş Oto Maslak, it was determined that the Skelex ergonomic power support system enabled employees to work more comfortably while doing overhead distance work while protecting the external support structures and joints of their bodies. The technicians said that they found the opportunity to work more comfortably in the mechatronics and transmission works they carried out under the vehicle while the vehicle was on the lift, and that the productivity of the clothing increased.

Doğuş Otomotiv-Audi after giving the green light technicians, authorized service after the outfit in Istanbul in 2021 before the year 2022 aims to use all authorized services throughout Turkey.


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