Astronauts and Pilots will be trained in Bursa

Astronauts and Pilots will be trained in Bursa
Astronauts and Pilots will be trained in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who visited the Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM), which will enable the new generation to be interested in the field of space and aviation, stated that new pilots and space people will be trained from Bursa.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) under the leadership of Industry and Technology, Ministry of TUBITAK and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in collaboration with the 200 million pounds budget construction completed my GUHE, Turkey's themed space attracts attention as the first training center. GUHEM, which will contribute to the increase of the curiosity of the new generation in the field of space and aviation, includes 154 interactive devices related to space and aviation, all of which are domestic production.

"880 thousand people visited"

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who visited the center within the body of BTM and received information from the authorities, closely examined the works inside and outside the building. Mayor Aktaş announced that the work at GUHEM, which will take Bursa to the top points especially in aviation and space studies, has reached the final stage. Reminding that the project was prepared between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TÜBİTAK on February 04, 2014 and the process will end on February 3, 2021, Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “Approximately 60 million TL was spent for the project. The zeppelin-shaped building was prepared in addition to the existing BTM building. There are exhibition setups and planetarium provided by the Metropolitan Municipality in BTM. At BTM, 10 interactive experiment setups in 135 different fields are open to use in the field today. Renovation started in June 2020. Worn areas are designed and renewed. Within the scope of Covid 19 measures, a new layout plan is implemented by keeping sufficient distance between them. In 2019, approximately 151 thousand 969 people visited the Science and Technology Center. Also, the number of people attending training workshops in this process is approximately 108 thousand 430. The number of people visiting the planetarium is approximately 20. Since 302, approximately 2014 thousand people have visited Bursa Science and Technology Center ”.

"Will contribute to the space and aviation industry"

Reminding that GUHEM, located in the BTM complex, was brought to life by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, BTSO and Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) with the support of TÜBİTAK, Mayor Aktaş said, “According to the project, a total of 2 exhibition units and 169 trainings are on 2 exhibition floors with the space and aviation theme area is designed. There are 15 exhibition areas in total. GUHEM Aviation Exhibition Hall, located in the BTM complex, which will have a total area of ​​22 square meters, includes the dream of flight, a children's gallery, the history of flight, the anatomy of flight, lighter than air, heavier than air, rockets and aviation academy. The Space Exhibition Hall also includes a mini theater, space station-is, objects in space, space observation, space exploration, and a chemistry-biology laboratory. In addition to these, there is also an innovation laboratory and a mobile temporary exhibition hall. While children receive robotics and electronics education in the innovation center; They will also simulate astronauts' experiments in space in the biology and chemistry laboratory. I believe that this center will contribute to the development of space technology and aviation sector in Bursa. Hopefully, it will train new pilots and spacecraft. The center will be opened soon, ”he said.



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