Global Award to ASELSAN from the Business World

Global Award to ASELSAN from the Business World
Global Award to ASELSAN from the Business World

ASELSAN, which has taken the pandemic process seriously from the first day, received the silver award at the Stevie International Business Awards with its practices that add value to its employees and stakeholders. The company was awarded in the "Most Valuable Corporate Response" field with its projects in the coronavirus period.

ASELSAN has provided a safe environment for its employees since the first days of the pandemic process. By providing billions of lira to its business partners, it continued the supply chain and supported the economy. The mobilization, which was planned for the defense of the country, quickly responded to the need by implementing the working order for the production of breathing apparatus.

While ASELSAN became one of the four defense companies that best managed the pandemic process in the world according to Defense News magazine with the applications it implemented, it was one of the first companies to receive the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production / Safe Service Certificate.

During the epidemic, ASELSAN employees and ASIL Association also worked for the benefit of the society. ASELSAN employees, who voluntarily participated in the activities, transferred hundreds of thousands of lira to the needy through the association.

As a result of all these efforts, ASELSAN was awarded the silver award in the "Most Valuable Corporate Response" field with its projects in the coronavirus period within the scope of the "Stevie International Business Awards".

Priority of ASELSAN Employees

ASELSAN started its activities by establishing the Health Precautions Board with the participation of senior managers of all relevant units from the first day of the pandemic in order to protect the health of its employees and provide a safe work environment. During the epidemic, all regulations determined by public institutions and organizations were strictly followed. In order to ensure the health and safety of ASELSAN employees and stakeholders, all kinds of measures were taken, including prevention of occupational risks, training and information. Responsible units were established within the scope of the measures and necessary tools and equipment were provided in order to ensure health and safety. All needs of ASELSAN employees during the pandemic process were quickly responded.

COVID-19 Safe Production / First Defense Company with Safe Service Certificate

ASELSAN is entitled to COVID-19 Safe Production/Safe Service Certification by fulfilling all the standards set by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). kazanbecame the first defense industry company. According to the Defense News Top 100 List, ASELSAN was selected as one of the four companies worldwide that best managed the pandemic process.

Breathe The World With The Respiratory Devices It Produced

ASELSAN; Covidien-19 during the epidemic, particularly on behalf of Turkey to remain strong, including the Turkish Armed Forces has continued to provide uninterrupted and reliable service to all our stakeholders. While continuing to respond to needs in the field of defense and security, the design of domestic and breathing apparatus developed and pioneered the development of the health sector in Turkey with other health technologies. Respirators produced by ASELSAN with the spirit of mobilization became breath all over the world.

ASİL Also Participated in the Studies

During the coronavirus epidemic, many ASELSAN employees volunteered outside of working hours. The financial contribution of ASELSAN employees to the National Solidarity Campaign was over 200 thousand TL.

ASIL Association has also accelerated its works for the benefit of the society during the epidemic period. The association organized a "Ramadan abundance increases as you share" campaign and delivered food parcels and cash aid to thousands of families in need. ASIL supported healthcare professionals by donating thousands of surgeries and N21 masks, visor face masks, protective glasses, overalls, overshoes, bonnets and gloves to 95 hospitals.

Increased Support for Suppliers, Continued

The fight against pandemics continues uninterruptedly in ASELSAN and the companies it cooperates with. Considering the sustainability of the defense industry ecosystem as its main priority, ASELSAN continued to increase its support to its suppliers during the pandemic process. During this period, during which no disruption was involved in the procurement processes, more than 5 thousand stakeholders continued to give new orders to the organizations. In April 2020, as an indication of the uninterrupted continuity of activities, the "Our Power One" platform was launched for ASELSAN's suppliers. With this platform, activities such as bidding, quality, product supply, trainings, inspection processes, supplier scorecards and announcements were carried out without interruption.

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