Ankara Niğde Highway Will Be The Highway Of The Future

Ankara Niğde Highway Will Be The Highway Of The Future
Ankara Niğde Highway Will Be The Highway Of The Future

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Ankara-Niğde Highway Opening Ceremony. Nigde Ankara-Haymana Highway Tolls Speaking at the ceremony held at the position of President Erdogan, the highway and the nation wished to be beneficial to Turkey.

President Erdoğan introduced the country to the country with the build-operate-transfer model. kazanHe said that they have put into service the first and third sections of the road, which has a total length of 330 kilometers, and that the second section of the road will be opened to traffic before the end of the year.


Stating that this route that connects the Marmara-Black Sea and the Mediterranean regions is also an important part of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transit corridor, President Erdoğan stated that a vehicle that started using the motorway from Edirne could go to Şanlıurfa without ever entering the city. did. Stating that it is possible to travel from Istanbul to İzmir and Aydın by using the motorway, President Erdoğan stated that this route will reach Denizli and then Antalya after the completion of the section that was made in the last months.

Expressing that with the completion of the highway and Çanakkale Bridge that encircle the Marmara Sea, the transportation problem of the regions with the most intense human and vehicle traffic in the country will be completely solved, President Erdoğan said that the Ankara-Niğde Highway is one of the most critical parts of this great network.

Expressing that this project, which has been put into service, will provide many economic benefits as well as ensuring the traffic flow in a fast, comfortable and safe manner, President Erdoğan continued his words as follows: It will be able to reach the same point in 317 minutes. According to the calculations, 14 billion 275 million liras in total, 22 million liras from time and 885 million liras from fuel oil, thanks to this highway. kazanwill be ci. Another important benefit is the decrease in accidents and the increase in the safety of life and property. Facilitating access to important tourism centers such as Tuz Gölü, Derinkuyu, Göreme and Cappadocia will also make serious contributions to our country in this area. With 6,5 million plants to be planted along the route and 1,1 million square meters of germination, the face of this region, which has a steppe climate, will also change. Hopefully, we need to do afforestation and grassing intensively.”


Stating that the design as a smart road by means of the fiber communication network, sensors, cameras, data and control center constitutes another feature of the Ankara-Niğde Highway, President Erdoğan said, “Many operations, which were carried out completely with human power in the past, were carried out by the smart transportation system on this road. will be carried out. "We built the road of the future with this project, with many features from traffic density to icing, from the need for maintenance and repair to the infrastructure that will allow the use of smart vehicles in the future."

Expressing that the highway is a very profitable investment for the state when the investment amount, operation period and guarantee fee are compared, President Erdoğan said that the highway is a very profitable investment for the country. kazanHe congratulated all the institutions, contractor companies, engineers and workers who contributed to the construction.

Pointing out that transportation is one of the fundamental infrastructures of development and development, President Erdoğan said, “In a country where human and freight transportation cannot be carried out safely, quickly and economically, it is not possible to achieve development or to spread it across the country. For this reason, we set out to make every inch of our country accessible from the east to the west, from the north to the south, with the understanding that "the place you have not gone, cannot go is not yours".


Stating that they have almost passed an era in the country especially in road, air and rail transportation, President Erdoğan said, "We are starting a brand new era in front of our country with our giant ports under construction on the sea route."

With today's opening, the country has been in the country in the last 18 years. kazanStating that the new highway distance they have reached has reached 581 kilometers, President Erdoğan stated that the total highway length of the country reached 714 thousand 3 kilometers with the 295 kilometers highway they took over before. Expressing that they created a much brighter picture on divided roads, President Erdoğan said: “We took our divided road length with 6 kilometers when we took office. In other words, 100 thousand 79 kilometers in 6 years. We added 100 thousand 21 kilometers to this. We have increased it to 400 thousand 27 kilometers in total. From where to where? The total road network of our country is 500 thousand 68 kilometers. We have ensured that transportation is healthier and more economical with 429 bridges with a length of 18 kilometers that we have built in the last 361 years. Likewise, we put into service 3 tunnels with a length of 261 kilometers during this period, enabling fast and safe transportation in difficult geographies. Even the projects that we opened and continued to build during the last coronavirus epidemic period are in the field of transportation to our country. kazanIt is enough to show the services we have mentioned. In the last six months, the Kınalı-Çatalca crossing of the Northern Marmara Highway is on March 9, the Trabzon city crossing, the important part of the Kanuni Boulevard road, on April 22, the towers of the Çanakkale Bridge on May 16, the connection roads of Başakşehir Çam and Sakura Hospital on May 20, Botan Stream liked its bubbling on July 11 We opened the Amasya ring road on July 25. Don't stop, keep going. The coronavirus does not prevent it, we will continue.”


In the rest of his speech, President Erdoğan reminded that the construction of the Cudi Mountain tunnels, which the terrorist organization did not stop to prevent it, was completed, and that they also finished the Ilısu Dam, which was trying to prevent the construction of the terrorist organization.

Providing information about the work carried out in the last two years, President Erdoğan said, `` Ovit Tunnel, Gümüşhane Ring Road, Trabzon Kaşüstü Junction underpass, Ordu Ring Road, İstanbul-İzmir Highway, Derevenk Viaduct in 2018 '' nü explained that they opened the Mimar Sinan Organized Industrial Zone interchange and connection roads, Kayseri Boğazköprü and connection road, Konya Ring Road, Çorlu Ring Road, Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı highway. Underlining that they also closely follow new projects, President Erdoğan said, “We were there personally at every stage of the 2019 Çanakkale Bridge. Our goal is to open this bridge to service on March 1915, 2022 ”.

Stating that they are continuing some projects initiated by some municipalities but left their minds through the Ministries, President Erdoğan continued his words as follows: “One of these is the bridge right next to the Seyhan Dam, which I believe will be a symbol of Adana. Our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will complete the remaining parts of this bridge, whose physical realization is at the level of 47 percent, at a cost of 530 million TL. In addition, the intersections at the bridge entrances and exits will also be built by our Ministry. We determined the name of this work, the construction of which started with the name of 'State Garden Bridge', as the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge upon the request of Mr. Bahçeli and hopefully we will finish it in this way. As you can see, no stopping, keep going. We continue to work with this understanding. As we always say, our politics is the policy of service, our job is the politics of work, our job is the politics of leaving a pleasant word in the sky. "


President Erdogan, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor is now in the service of every moment since the day it was selected, after the success in Istanbul also stated that the nation's their country's administration conferred couple said: "The Prime Minister and I take responsibility as President of Turkey for 18 years, we both uplift in all areas of both political and economically strengthened. Today, if the head of a steep Turkey in every field that we owe our success in 18 years. There is a saying of the ancients, 'You need to say it is a mouthful. Turkey, in particular the last seven years, exposed to all these inner and outer storm unharmed emergence even more important regional and global power case is due to come to the level that we bring to our country and democracy in the economy. We took a break in Turkey's political yoke around his neck. economic shackles are attached to the leg of the turkey pieces were tossed aside. Turkey fears the future of the area under mortgage now we chew. We have built a country that is confident, believes in itself, and uses its potential and power in line with its own goals, interests and plans. We've built a Turkey. No one's finger wagging will not talk, will not attempt to notify anyone's had, nobody could not have established a reckless operations over Turkey. "

Turkey's defense industry in the self-sufficiency as a country increases every year one to provide security without gratitude to striking come to a position of President Erdogan, "Today in the eastern Mediterranean, if the southern border of our and many more in the weight of the turkey this very significant feeling Behind it is the political, economic and military power we have. "The natural gas reserves we discovered in the Black Sea and our ongoing works are rich enough to promote our country to the first league in the field of energy."


Emphasizing that a state that is politically deemed to be in the "non-existent state" has risen to the level of a country that has a critical role in all equations, President Erdoğan said: “We have become the country where many international platforms are sought, followed, and positioned according to their words and attitude. We have come to a place where we continue to march towards our 2023 goals by enduring dozens of attacks on behalf of a weak structure that was destroyed by three-penny traps economically. We have an infrastructure that even developed countries follow with envy in all service areas from education to health, from transportation to energy. During the epidemic period, while the health systems of many countries collapsed with all its elements, we provided our citizens the best service free of charge. By supporting all segments of the society, from employers to employees, from craftsmen to strange people, we ensured that economic and social balances remain strong. In short, we take our place in the hearts of our nation not with such dry words, controversy, lies, slander, empty shows; the services we provided, the works we built, the results we achieved. I hope we will continue this way with the same understanding. "

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