Smart Mobility Solutions Increase the Safety of Cities

Smart Mobility Solutions Increase the Safety of Cities
Smart Mobility Solutions Increase the Safety of Cities

While innovations such as alternative transportation technologies and mobility services are rapidly changing the social, technological and economic plane, smart mobility solutions, which we encounter in many cities of the world, also find a place in security. The world's first and only mobile patrol system, named Ekin Patrol G2 by Ekin Smart City Solutions, increases the security of cities with its artificial intelligence-based software.

Parallel developments in the automotive, transportation and wide range of mobility markets create serious changes in areas such as transportation and transportation. While this social, technological and economic change creates convergence in existing sectors, it opens up new business areas and opportunities. While urbanization, which occurs with the increasing population in cities, brings social, environmental and economic problems with it, the issue of security also comes to the fore.

Problems will be solved by technologies where artificial intelligence and data are at the forefront.

The increase in the number of vehicles as well as the number of people living in the cities makes it difficult for the security forces. The increase in the number of fixed points and patrol vehicles used for inspection purposes causes an increase in costs as well as the number of personnel and vehicles. Security functions in existing mobility technologies, on the other hand, constitute a serious option to eliminate this problem.

Evaluating the subject, Akif Ekin, Chairman of the Board of Ekin Smart City Solutions, said, “Mobility technologies reveal a large amount of data, as well as their time-saving and minimizing features. It is possible to create innovation in urban planning by evaluating these data, which we can see as the most valuable asset of the period we are in. These data carry gold value in order to find solutions to the problems brought about by increasing urbanization. As Ekin Smart City Solutions, artificial intelligence and data are at the forefront in all technologies we produce. "We make cities smart and safe with our products that we have developed 100% in terms of design, software and technology."

Technological solution to security forces: Ekin Patrol G2

Ekin Patrol G2, designed by Ekin Smart City Solutions with the concept of beacons for vehicles such as police, gendarmerie and fire brigade, can be used to increase the safety of cities. Ekin Patrol G2, the first and only mobile patrol system in the world, can be easily attached to any vehicle thanks to its Plug & Play structure and provides 360-degree surveillance and control at points where there are no fixed systems. Ekin Patrol G2, which can detect face and license plate recognition, speed and parking violation while on the move with cameras placed on four sides, can even record difficult actions with its uninterrupted view.

Mobile patrol technology, which can detect the speed and license plates of vehicles in front, side and rear, can provide surveillance up to 7 lanes. Ekin Patrol G2, which detects searched and stolen vehicles with database control, can send audible and visual alarms to the tablet application and control center in case of detection of suspicious vehicles. It also ensures the detection of criminals by controlling the database with its face recognition feature.

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