Akçaray Trams Passed Annual Maintenance

Akçaray Trams Passed Annual Maintenance
Akçaray Trams Passed Annual Maintenance

The annual maintenance of Akçaray, which is operated by TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, was carried out. The trams, whose annual maintenance is carried out by experienced craftsmen, do not have a single point left unchecked. During the maintenance, pollen filter replacement, wheel turning, washing of air conditioner honeycombs, sandblasting, oiling, pantograph, battery, interior, bottom and top controls were made. All controls were made completely for the passengers to go where they want, clean, comfortably and on time.


In addition to the regular maintenance of Akçaray trams, this time called heavy maintenance was carried out. Thanks to the controls and maintenance, citizens will be able to continue their safe journey. In addition, TransportationPark carries out these maintenance to ensure that the voyages that it has undertaken in the EN 13816 quality certificate are carried out in a complete and timely manner.


Thanks to the Uv Filter, passengers will be able to travel in a healthy way with the clean air created on trams. With the Uv Filter technology found in all trams, possible epidemic interaction is prevented by destroying the microorganisms in the vehicle for safe and healthy travel of passengers. With the pollen filters changing every week, the quality of the air coming from the air conditioners is increased to maximum quality.



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