Who is Michele Mouton?

Who is Michele Mouton?
Who is Michele Mouton?

Michele Mouton is a name that made the presence of women meaningful in motorsports and is now known as a legend. From being a World Rally Champion in the Crazy Group B years, to setting up the Champions Championship bringing together the best of motorsports, and taking active roles in the FIA ​​to maintain the standard in rally safety, the spectrum is bad to explain what Mouton continues to leave on the sport. no introduction sentence. Mouton, who served as the FIA's security delegate, came to the 2017 Marmaris Rally and made examinations and was one of the most important names who liked and approved Rally Turkey, which entered the 2018 WRC calendar. Now let's get to know Mouton better.

In an interview, Mouton describes how he got into the world of motorsport: “I never wanted to be a rally driver, nor did I plan for it. I had a friend who competed at an amateur level. I went to Corsica to watch him and he asked me for help because he couldn't agree with his co-pilot. It was pure luck. Then my father said, 'I know you love to drive, I'll buy you a car and pay for a season. If you're good, you'll get results, 'he said.

A first in history

Michele Mouton, who started as a co-pilot by such a coincidence, later switched to piloting. He did well with the iconic Alpine A110 his father bought him. She also competed on the track, and with her all-female team, she won the 1975 Le Mans 24 Hours in a class of its own. kazanand inspired many women's teams that came after her. Mouton was only 24 at the time. He participated in the European Rally Championship in 1977 as Fiat's factory driver, almost becoming the champion. Four years later, he joined the team of Audi, the legendary team of the Group B era, and won the Sanremo Rally in its first season. kazana WRC rally in history kazanShe was the first and only woman. Entering 1982 more assertively with his co-driver Fabrizia Pons, Mouton came to the top in three rallies, especially in a tough race like the Acropolis, the year Audi won the first constructors' championship in its history. He succeeded in being the second in the world, 12 points behind champion Walter Röhrl.
Michele Mouton explains the interest he faced at that time and his approach to it as follows: “Nowadays I can understand the interest in that period. Because we were the only women's team in the championship back then. A reporter came at the end of the day and said, 'Can you smile?' "Okay, go find (Stig) Blomqvist and (Hannu) Mikkola first, ask them for the same thing, and then come to me."

In 1985, Mouton embarked on another adventure, crossing a vast ocean. The Pikes Peak climbing race, which most of us met with the 1988 short film Climb Dance, broke the record three years before that famous film. kazanwas. Then, a year later, she signed with Peugeot to win the German national championship and became the first woman to win the rally. He lost his dear friend Henri Toivonen the same year, ending his rally life after Group B cars were promptly banned. To commemorate Toivonen, he organized the first of the Champions Championship, now known as the Race of Champions.

Michele Mouton and the Champions Championship

The location of the 2018 Race of Champions is also interesting in many ways. The first international motorsports organization in the history of the country has been held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which gave women the right to go to traffic for the first time last year and interestingly made progressive decisions with the new king. Perhaps the only thing missing from the organization is its cadre consisting of only men, as there is no champion or an active female pilot struggling for the title. But again, this is a bit more respectful of choosing Carmen Jorda or a similar decor name.

Rally of Turkey the green light from burning

Michele Mouton also has a good influence on our motorsports. Mouton, WRC FIA safety delegate role in 2017 and 2018 were found in the investigation came to Marmaris Rally sounded like the beginning of the most important names in the WRC Rally of Turkey entering and confirming the schedule.

Best example for young girls interested in motorsports

In a world surrounded by men, Michele Mouton has tapped into many motorsports and many championships, showing himself wherever he entered. Perhaps the best example of young girls who want to start motorsports should be Mouton. If you are a good pilot, teams want to work with you. Even if you are a bad pilot, sometimes they may want to work with you for a female pilot advertisement, but the best way to avoid this positive discrimination is to be good and aim to achieve the good by working constantly. Michele Mouton has never been a glamorous, gaudy star. This is why he is one of the greatest heroes of motorsport. He is the hero of all of us, men and women.

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