What is LYM? What Does Low and High Lymphocytes Mean?

The immune system consists of a combination of many different cells. Working together, all these immune cells have one purpose: to protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses. The lymphocyte, which is also a white blood cell, is one of hundreds of immune system cells that protect you. Lymphocyte, as it is known in medicine, usually appears in blood test results with the abbreviation lym and sometimes lymph.

In this article, we will discuss lymphocyte, which causes confusion with its values ​​that vary widely during pregnancy. Read on for the answers to the questions of what is lymphocyte, low lym and high lym, respectively!

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What is LYM?

Lymphocyte is a white blood cell. Thousands of white blood cells, each performing a different task than the other, prevent disease by fighting bacteria, viruses and other toxic substances. Lymphocyte, one of the most important white blood cells produced by bone marrow stem cells. While some of the lymphocytes produced get into the blood, the majority lymphatic systemIt settles in organs such as the spleen, lymph node and tonsils.

Lymphocyte values, which differ greatly depending on the precious age and the presence of pregnancy, appear as LYM in the blood test results. So the answer to the questions of lym or lympth is that these values ​​show the ratio of lymphocyte cells in your blood.

What is the Normal Value of LYM?

We have said that LYM values ​​vary considerably according to age and pregnancy status. So when talking about the normal lymphocyte count, these values child, pregnant adult and non-pregnant adultIt is necessary to specify separately for s. Since each laboratory can use different measurement techniques for blood tests, your doctor will make the most accurate interpretation of your blood values. However, there is usually a standard mean value for LYM. We can tabulate this normal value for non-pregnant adults and adults at different stages of pregnancy as follows:

Non-Pregnant Adult First Trimester Second Trimester Third Trimester
  X 103/ Mm 3   0.7-4.6   1.1- 3.6   0.9- 3.9   1- 3.6
  X 10 9 /L   0.7- 4.6   1.1- 3.6   0.9- 3.9   1- 3.6

This table between 1000 and 4600 in blood per microliter in a non-pregnant adult means lymphocyte is a blood cell. This value 3000- 9500 per µL (microliter) of blood for children is in the range.

Source: https://www.cicicocuk.com/lym-nedir-lenfosit-dusuklugu-ve-yuksekligi-ne-anlama-gelir/

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