Tunç Soyer: We will clean the bay, from Konak KarşıyakaI will swim to

Tunç Soyer: We will clean the bay, from Konak KarşıyakaI will swim to
Tunç Soyer: We will clean the bay, from Konak KarşıyakaI will swim to

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made statements about the "smell" problem in the city where all municipal units have been struggling for a long time and the cleaning of the Bay. President Soyer said that the Gulf will be made to be swimmable and he will come to Konak. KarşıyakaHe said he would swim to

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made statements about the projects they are planning in İzmir. EgedesonsözSpeaking to, President Soyer said the following about the swimmable Gulf;

“I have a dream to swim in the Gulf. I will do this within the term of office. Besides being a good runner, I am a good swimmer. I am interested in sports activities. I have 12 thousand strokes a day at Deniz. If I don't swim at such a high pace, I don't count myself swimming and exercising. Our work on cleaning continues in İzmir, in the Bay. When the gulf is cleared, there is more time for him than Konak KarşıyakaI will go swimming personally. One of my biggest dreams is to cross the road ”

Mayor Soyer, who also made evaluations about the dredging protocol in the gulf made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and the work of TCDD for the port, presented a new proposal and proposal. Chairman Soyer said, “There are two channels in the Gulf. One is a channel that allows large ships to come to the port, and the second is the circulation channel. We do not believe that the circulation channel is necessary. There is no need to open this channel. Because the natural current and bottom waves of the Gulf do the cleaning. When we do not pollute, the Gulf clears itself. I'm not making this up myself. I share the information I got from scientific data and reports. TCDD did not work on the other channel to be built. The Ministry can do this, but has stopped work. We make suggestions here. If there is a budget and financial need, we are ready to take responsibility as Metropolitan. We share this cost. It is not the number or the amount that matters. The important thing is the offer of cooperation ”.


Soyer also responded to the recent call for planning the İnciraltı Region, where one leg of the Gulf Tube Crossing Project will come, and to "sue the plan". Soyer said, “It is very bad to have the label of unwillingness. We supported the Çeşme Project just so that we were not told "they prevent it, they meet it". We came together with all stakeholders on that issue. We went to the places invited. There is no plan even in Çeşme. It is not clear what to do and how. There is a project developed on treasury lands. We emphasized that as the municipality, we are not against this project. They say 'do not sue us' about İnciraltı. There is nothing! We did not see the plan, nor do we know what was done. Nobody asked for a suggestion from us. Officially, it was not said 'we are doing this, come and see'. When it comes out, we will fully evaluate it. The reservations and requests of the institutional structure of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have already been mutually communicated. "I cannot say anything because we do not see and know the new situation." President Soyer also said that there were lawsuits filed by the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers in the past years due to the agricultural nature of the region, and that all institutions and organizations should be resolved in the new planning.


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