The Road to Digital Security in Banking Is Through HSM Technology

The Road to Digital Security in Banking Is Through HSM Technology
The Road to Digital Security in Banking Is Through HSM Technology

Digital banking and e-commerce enable consumers to make transactions regardless of time and location, but security concerns also increase. The increase in the use of online payment and banking systems is making security measures in this area more critical day by day. which is common in Turkey, users seizing bank accounts and credit card phishing realized the need to step up measures against fraud, said Managing Director Rasul Procenn Yesilyurt; expresses that it is possible to establish a secure structure especially between terminal devices and data layer by using HSM solutions, which means Hardware Security Module that performs high performance cryptographic operations, in an integrated manner with software solutions.

Procenne, which produces solutions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and usability of data in motion and data at rest data, also draws attention with its digital security solutions for banking and finance. Procenne General Manager Resul Yesilyurt; In recent years, banks, financial institutions and financial technology companies have become increasingly important in the field of cyber security. kazanHe talked about the services they offer to the sector and drew attention to the importance of the subject.

It is imperative to increase precautions against fishing lines and credit card fraud.

Saying that possible cyber security vulnerabilities in new generation financial technology companies as well as banks and financial institutions pose a great risk for both companies and users, Yeşilyurt shared the following information: “These organizations, which need to protect their customers' identity and account information at a high level, they increase their investments. The development of digital banking and e-commerce enables customers to make transactions regardless of time and location, but security problems and concerns increase with it. Especially the increase in the use of contactless / online payment and banking systems, which we have witnessed to increase recently, makes security measures in this area more critical day by day. especially common in Turkey, it made the users bank account seized by phishing and credit card needs to step up measures against fraud. "

HSMs provide high performance and security

Saying that software solutions can be integrated with HSM (Hardware Security Module) technology, which means Hardware Security Module, much higher performance and security can be achieved, and said: “Hardware security modules are designed to be protected against physical and software interference. The main functions of HSMs are the unpredictable and genuinely random generation of keys used in encryption, the storage of these keys against possible tampering and their secure distribution. HSMs detect physical interventions thanks to the sensors on them and delete the encryption keys they store without being seized against threats. In addition, HSMs are designed to be protected against external software loading. In this way, sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access. "

Saying that the ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM hardware security module developed by Procenne offers a high level of security in digital transformation applications and data protection in banking transactions, Yesilyurt said; “ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM, which allows other cryptographic operations such as hardware-based high-speed data encryption, decryption and e-signing, can be used in businesses of all sizes thanks to its compact structure and scalable architecture. Offering a simple, stable and secure solution, ProCrypt KM ‑ 3000 HSM also enables platform independent integration with the support of widely used programming interfaces (API - Application Programming Interface). He conveyed Procenne's hardware solutions.

Using software and hardware solutions together increases security and performance

Speaking about the other solutions they offer to the sector, Resul Yeşilyurt continued his words as follows. “Today, the fact that frequently used end devices such as mobile phones, tablets, IoT devices, payment points have a smart structure and are now able to manage smart algorithms and decisions as well as 'dummy' transactions, have caused them to be targets against external threats. Our product, EndCrypt, built on the crypto software library WhiteBox technology, enables the transmission of mobile data (data in motion) away from threats, in a secure and encrypted manner, by using the digital fingerprints of the terminal device through the keys produced in HSMs. Thus, by running our software and hardware solutions in integration, both easy integration (plug-and-play), high performance and high security levels are achieved. We can also prevent the threats against the compliance of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), which we have frequently encountered in the news recently. "

Yeşilyurt stated that they experienced a significant increase in 6 and 4 with the production of HSM as a result of 2018 years of R&D studies and the CC EAL2019 + certificate, which is very important in the field of digital security; "We aim to grow especially in the banking and finance sector together with the sectors we offer solutions by adding the PCI certificate, which is one of the important certificates in this field, among the documents we have." he finished his words.

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