Stops and Pedestrian Overpass Lifts Are Keeping Clean in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Stops and Pedestrian Crossings Cleaning
Stops and Pedestrian Overpass Lifts Are Keeping Clean in Kocaeli

The fact that the stops and pedestrian overpass elevators that are frequently used in public transportation are clean is of great importance during the pandemic period we are in. In this context, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department teams carry out cleaning work in pedestrian overpass elevators and public transportation stops every week.


While all citizens from seven to seventy use public transportation stops, pedestrian overpass elevators are generally used by elderly and disabled citizens. Kocaeli Metropolitan teams frequently clean at public transportation stops with overpass elevators used by citizens from Çayırova to İzmit and from Kandıra to Karamürsel. The hygiene of the stops and elevators is ensured by the cleaning works, and the health of the citizens is protected.


Within the scope of the cleaning work, the teams first clean the stops and elevators with detergent. After detergent cleaning, the stall and elevators are wiped with disinfectant to ensure hygiene is ensured in order for the viruses to disappear. The teams also clean the garbage around the station and the station in line with the cleaning work. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has carried out cleaning and disinfectant applications in many areas in the city since the first day of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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