The Number of Air Traffic Controllers Working at DHMI Increased to 1857

The Number of Air Traffic Controllers Working at DHMI Increased to 1857
The Number of Air Traffic Controllers Working at DHMI Increased to 1857

Trainees of 2019th and 124th semesters, appointed by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) in 125, completed their basic education and qualified to graduate. Airports in Turkey Air Traffic Control (ATC) unit that will operate at 63 the number of air traffic controllers working in conjunction with DHMİ new graduates rose to 1857'y.

Graduates were given their diplomas at a ceremony held in the General Directorate Blue Hall. Participants in the DHMI Aviation Academy also attended the ceremony, which was held in accordance with the rules of masked and social distance within the scope of coronavirus measures.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hüseyin Keskin, Chairman and General Manager of State Airports Operations, congratulated the graduates who were entitled to receive diplomas and wished them success in their duties.

Keskin said that the graduates will undertake a very important task at DHMI and advised them to benefit from the experiences of those who performed this duty before them.

“Right now, we aim to ensure that each incoming generation has a better education than the previous one, we hope so. Surely you have received much better education than your previous ones. Adorn the theoretical trainings you have successfully completed here with the experiences of your elders in the squares you go to, and definitely benefit from their experiences. " Using his expressions, Hüseyin Keskin continued his words as follows: “I look at you all, you are sparkling, I see from the screen, you are very well-groomed. Please always be this way, take care of your personal care. Especially in this pandemic period, masks, distance and cleanliness are very important, let's comply with these rules completely. "

Keskin asked the new air traffic controllers to work in harmony and said, “You will fulfill a very important task and you will bear a great responsibility. I am sure that all of you will fulfill this responsibility. The trainings you have received and the experiences of those before you will guide you. I hope you will do a good job without any trouble, carefree, accident or trouble. Congratulations again, I wish you success. May Allah grant you success, let the stones touch your feet. " He spoke in the form.


After the speeches, the diploma ceremony started. Fatih Görmiş and Rabia Sarkmaz, the top winners of the term, were given their diplomas by our Chairman of the Board and our General Manager Hüseyin Keskin.

The runners-up received their diplomas from our Deputy General Manager Mehmet Karakan, and the third from our Deputy General Manager Erhan Ümit Ekinci.

Head of Aviation Training Department Sinan Yıldız, Head of Corporate Communication Department Vahdet Nafiz Aksu and Deputy Head of Air Navigation Department Rıdvan Cinkılıç were also present at the ceremony.



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