Teknofest 2020 Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Race Start Was Held

Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Started the Race
Photograph: Ministry of Industry and Technology

Stating that the most important investment is made to people, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, "As we open the way for them, as we direct them to science, technology and production, we are witnessing that they have accomplished very important things." said.

Young people are fighting hard for vehicles that will take them to an environmentally friendly world with sustainable energy. Young people race their alternative energy electric vehicles in the "Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Competition" organized by TÜBİTAK. Ministers Varank, Kocaeli Governor Great Wall Yavuz, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, TUBITAK President Hasan Mandal, Turkey Technology Team Foundation Board of Trustees President and TEKNOFEST Chairman Selcuk Bayraktar, received information about the study by visiting the race all the teams.


Minister Varank and Bayraktar later shared the excitement of the young people in the races held at the Gulf Race Track as part of TEKNOFEST. Later, Minister Varank and Bayraktar, who took to the tower, waved the flag to start the races where 41 domestic teams from 7 different universities, 38 in the electromobile (battery-powered electric vehicle) category and 48 in the hydromobile (hydrogen-powered electric vehicle) category.


Answering the questions of journalists, Minister Varank said that he saw young people who could launch their own TOGG brand at TEKNOFEST. Stating that they are organizing TEKNOFEST for two purposes, Varank said, “First of all, we are trying to raise awareness in the fields of space, aviation, science and technology in all our people. Our second goal is to direct our youth to science, technology and production, especially with technology competitions. " said.


Noting that they share the excitement of young people, Minister Varank continued as follows:

“The most important investment is the investment made in people. As we open the way for them, as we direct them to science, technology and production, we are now witnessing that they have accomplished very important things. We will testify after that. We believe it wholeheartedly. "


Turkey's first billion dollar valuation on the company with a game reminiscent achieved through software companies Varank, said:

“We signed a signature today. In that signature, we established a venture capital fund for technology-oriented startups, especially within the framework of the informatics valley ecosystem. With the funds we have established, we will provide capital funding to companies that have reached the stage of growth and have reached a certain threshold, with the funds we previously established with development agencies. both here to win and he will win both companies will be able to interest investors in Turkey are very important initiatives here. "


Minister Varank said, “At a time when everyone obeyed the call to stay at home, the young people produced all the racing vehicles in a short period of 2 months. How do you evaluate this determination? " He gave the following answer to his question:

“Here, too, we were expecting much more teams under normal circumstances, but they had some production disruptions due to the pandemic. We hope to reward them on the Formula 1 track tomorrow. They can both come and see that track and have the opportunity to exhibit their vehicles there. We will continue to reward their perseverance. "


Turkey Technology Team Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman, President and TEKNOFEST Selcuk Bayraktar, "TUBITAK Electric Vehicle Efficiency Challenge Races" he said with a sense of future engineers grows. Emphasizing that there is adrenaline in the teams participating in the competition, Bayraktar said:

“When we built our country's first national unmanned aerial vehicle, it was a tiny 5,5 kilogram airplane. I can clearly see what the tip of this technology could be. I hope the adventures of these friends are like this in the world, some of them will establish important initiatives in this field and some will take part as engineers in important projects. In a sense, their foundations are laid within the scope of the national technology move. "


Stating that there are two major revolutions in automotive, Bayraktar said, “The first is electric vehicles and the second is smart vehicles. Here, about electric vehicles, in a sense, the engineers of the future are trained with these competitions. The results of these competitions are somewhat like planting seeds. I can say that the next 5, 10, 15 years of our country will be much brighter in terms of the formation of the national technology move ecosystem. " made its evaluation.


On the other hand, with the slogan of the National Technological Breakthrough technology and Turkey's road to the countdown continues for TEKNOFEST targeted to turn into a society produces. This year TEKNOFEST, Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology executive; It will be held on 24-27 September 2020 at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center. TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, broke visitor records in 2019.

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