T Shirt Coronavirus Awareness Event in Ankara

T Shirt Coronavirus Awareness Event in Ankara
T Shirt Coronavirus Awareness Event in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in order to draw attention to the increasing Covid-19 cases, at 5 points of the Capital, “Attention Against Coronavirus! It distributed thousands of t-shirts and masks with the words "Mask-Distance-Cleaning". Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş made a statement on the social media and called for "Come carry our t-shirts voluntarily on you, let's strengthen our fight against the epidemic together".

T-shirts were designed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to raise awareness against the coronavirus epidemic. “Attention Against Coronavirus! Thousands of T-shirts with the words "Mask-Distance-Cleaning" were distributed to the citizens of the Capital.

Başkent residents showed great interest in the t-shirts and masks distributed in front of the AŞTİ, Dikimevi ANKARAY Station, Batıkent Metro Station and in front of the Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Mosque and Güvenpark. While it is stated that the distribution of t-shirts will continue for a week, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş made a statement on the social media and called for "Come carry our t-shirts voluntarily, let's strengthen our fight against the epidemic together."


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç, who attended the event in Kızılay Güvenpark, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality's fight against coronavirus continues intensively.

Stating that they wanted to raise awareness among citizens with the t-shirts distributed, Koç recalled that the increase in Covid-19 cases reached critical dimensions and said:

“As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we doubled all our measures due to the increase in the spread rate of the epidemic. We carry out workplace inspections by taking our municipality's doctors and occupational health and safety experts with us. We provide mask and disinfectant support to our citizens. Today, 'Attention Against Coronavirus', which was built by our Metropolitan Municipality! We bring our t-shirts together with the people of Başkent at 5 points of Ankara. We advise our citizens to avoid crowded environments, to wear their masks continuously and to comply with personal hygiene. We will succeed together and '6 Million One Heart' will save Ankara from this disease "


Başkent residents of all ages, from 7 to 70, wearing the t-shirts distributed in support of the campaign, drew attention to the importance of measures in the pandemic process, and experienced colorful moments with awareness activity.

The people of Başkent who bought the masks and T-shirts distributed by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 5 different points of the city where the density of people is high, thanked the Metropolitan for the application. Stating that the human factor played a major role in the spread of the epidemic, the people of Başkent shared their thoughts with the following words:

  • Kürşat Arif Emir: “I found the awareness campaign carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality against the coronavirus epidemic very useful. Especially after the coronavirus has increased significantly in Ankara, such studies will attract people's attention. I do not intend to take off the T-shirt and I will inform my friends to buy it. Thank you."
  • Sanmak Necla: “I liked the t-shirts of the Metropolitan Municipality that will raise awareness for the coronavirus outbreak. Cases have increased in Ankara, I think awareness will increase if everyone wears these t-shirts and travels. "
  • Elif Aydemir: “I really liked the t-shirts prepared to draw attention to the coronavirus. I will wear this t-shirt in my daily life. I thank the Metropolitan Municipality. "
  • Clear Lion: “I will wear a t-shirt very well in my daily life and contribute to awareness. It was very useful to distribute masks with him, thank you. "
  • Beyza Beach: “I really like the awareness studies of the Metropolitan Municipality. In the past months, he has also worked on the prevention of violence against women. I thank our president very much for his work. "
  • Mucahit Saracoglu: “We saw that the Metropolitan Municipality distributed t-shirts to raise awareness, and we bought it. I really like the work of the Metropolitan Municipality against the coronavirus epidemic. We thank you."
  • Eray Sahin: “Mansur President's awareness work against coronavirus has been very good. It is distributed to everyone. Thank you very much. The Metropolitan Municipality is doing its best to prevent the epidemic from spreading. We must also do our part and heed the warnings against the epidemic. "
  • Halil Dagasan: “First of all, we would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who prepared such a meaningful campaign. We wish our country to get rid of this trouble as soon as possible. We wish our citizens to pay attention to social distance, hygiene and mask rules. "
  • Timur Varol: “I saw the awareness campaign that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality promoted at AŞTİ. It's a really nice work. This campaign, which he prepared to warn people and society against this virus, is very pleasing for us. The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, has managed the pandemic process very well since the beginning. I would like to thank our President, Mansur Yavaş, for his services as citizens. "
  • Tulay Osmanogullari: “I really liked the awareness campaign prepared by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. People should be aware of the coronavirus. All municipalities should do such services. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş for his services. "
  • Sami Single: “I came from Erzurum. I follow from a distance, Mansur President. It was a good work to raise awareness, I congratulate. A well thought-out application to make people happy. I will wear the t-shirt after I go to my hometown and I will tell everyone. "
  • Ali Savas:“We thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this organization. I hope it will be effective. We want our citizens to be sensitive. We should not expect everything from the state. A little bit, we have to act responsibly. If we follow these rules, we will prevent the spread of the virus in a shorter time. "
  • Mustafa Saygili: “I bought a T-shirt and I was satisfied with this service. It is an application that people will remember. I was also infected with the Covid-19 virus. This process was very difficult for me and my family. People should not take the pandemic lightly. I would like to thank our Municipality for managing this process well. "
  • Bahri Uysal: “First of all, thank you to our municipality. It has been a good service to support people and draw attention during this pandemic process. I will also wear it very fondly and keep it as a souvenir. "
  • Gul Turkmen: “I am satisfied with this application. Our municipality should continue this kind of work, and it increases morale for the people. I think people will pay more attention by seeing these T-shirts. ”
  • Omer Beyazitoglu: “I hope people will follow these rules. If everyone does not have to obey these rules, this disease will multiply. Our doctors can't go home anymore, but most people have masks on their arms and chins. That's why this campaign of the Metropolitan Municipality was good, thank you. "
  • Ulkunur Karadas: “First of all, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality. Everyone needs to be careful in this difficult process. This has been a really good awareness exercise. "
  • Cemalettin Ozbek: “Mansur President and his team have been working very well since this coronavirus outbreak. Again, they made a nice application. I thank them. I wish other municipalities would work like that. "
  • Fatih Arslan: “It is a very nice application. Especially recently, the number of coronavirus cases has increased and social distance, mask rules have not been followed. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality and those who contributed. "
  • Devran Eren: “I thank the Metropolitan Municipality for creating such a project. I think it is a project that emphasizes that people should take action. Thank you for the mask and T-shirt. "

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