Special Athlete Mask by Under Armor

Special Athlete Mask by Under Armor
Special Athlete Mask by Under Armor

Under Armor, the world's innovative sportswear brand, has produced a sports mask that athletes can use during training so that they can continue their training without a break.

With its technological products and designs, it is appreciated by sports enthusiasts. kazanAn Under Armor launched the UA Sports Mask, which has technologies to facilitate the lives of athletes due to the COVID 19 epidemic.

The reusable and water-resistant mask is worn with flexible ear straps. The Under Armor UA Sports Mask, which prevents the air from escaping and the goggles from fogging, also draws attention with its additional protection side panels.

The new UA Sports Mask consists of three layers:

The layer closest to the face is a flexible fabric called UA ISO-CHILL and makes the skin feel cool. Thanks to the antimicrobial technology called PROTX2, bacteria formation in the mask is prevented.

The middle layer is made of an open-cell foam and breathable material. While allowing air flow, it minimizes the entry and exit of sweat and water droplets.

The outermost layer provides maximum protection with a soft airy fabric that completely covers the mouth and nose.

Aydın Kanatlı, General Manager of Under Armor, said, “We are pleased with the products and designs we produce using advanced technology. kazanWe are a renowned brand. It is important for athletes to protect themselves more and maintain their athletic performance during the pandemic period. While there are many alternatives for masks around the world, as Under Armor, we produced our own mask as a result of long R&D studies. Now our athletes will be able to wear their masks while working and will not have any problems. The UA Sports Mask will fully meet the needs of the athletes.”

The UA Sports Mask, which is offered for sale in sizes varying according to face sizes, is on sale from all Under Armor stores and underarmour.com.tr online sales site since September 14.


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