Trabzon's Railway Problem Was Discussed at KTÜ

Trabzon's Railway Problem Was Discussed at KTÜ
Trabzon's Railway Problem Was Discussed at KTÜ

At the meeting held at Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), Trabzon's implemented and planned projects and future strategy were discussed.

AK Party Trabzon Deputy Bahar Ayvazoğlu, KTU Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO) President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, Vice President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKİB) Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, KTÜ Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Okumuş, Prof. Dr. Cemil Rakıcı and Prof. Dr. Akif Cinel, General Secretary Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Er, Faculty Member of the Department of Architecture Prof. Dr. Ahmet Melih Öksüz, City and Regional Planning Department Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Dilek Beyazlı, Faculty Member of the Department of Transportation Prof. Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpınar, Trabzon Chamber of City Planners, Ercan Şen, Erzincan - Gümüşhane - Trabzon Railway Platform SözcüSeniors Şaban Bülbül and Mustafa Yaylalı attended.

At the meeting, an evaluation was made regarding the latest status of the projects carried out and planned in Trabzon. In transportation and other projects, a consensus was reached on scientific feasibility and strategic plan preparation by KTÜ.

In addition, it was emphasized that the Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon Railway should be included in the investment program as soon as possible and the Batumi-Hopa railway should be built in accordance with the strategic importance of the region.


AK Party Trabzon Deputy Bahar Ayvazoğlu thanked Rector Çuvalcı and said, “It is our nation that is ultimately affected by every investment or project made in our city and demands a project or investment. We, politicians, are seen as the primary responsibility in raising the living standards of our nation and providing a service worthy of our nation. In this context, KTÜ, the locomotive university of our city and our region, will be the place to talk about the scientific suggestions needed to solve a number of questions and problems specific to our city or region, which are forwarded to me by our nation and are waiting for solutions. Based on this reality, I would like to thank our Rector, who quickly organized such a meeting and kept our request to bring together the scientists of our University and the NGOs of our city at this table. Of course, in terms of the representation of the city, it is of great importance that such meetings be held with representatives from all segments of the society and with higher participation. However, due to both the known epidemic and the narrow scope of the topics, it was inevitable to limit the number of participants. The most striking point in our meeting is that the development of Trabzon is proportional to the development of the provinces in the region and that the development of the provinces in the region is also possible with the development of Trabzon. In addition, upon the determination of Trabzon's future vision, our city and our region will become one of the rare cities with an important strategic document and information by reporting the proposals that will emerge in the meetings to be held in the upcoming periods. I would like to thank all our participating lecturers and NGO representatives for sharing their valuable experiences and ideas with us ”.


TTSO President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu stated that the transportation and other projects carried out in the region were discussed at the meeting and said, “I believe that KTÜ should have a more role in the scientific and strategic side of these projects. We have determined a road map in this regard. It has been an efficient meeting in terms of putting forward the future strategy ”.

KTU Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı, on the other hand, stated that they will try to establish a strong connection between the university and the city and said, "Our scientists will make their best efforts to contribute and serve our city and our region."

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