Face-to-Face Education Statement from the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk

Face-to-Face Education Statement from the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk
Face-to-Face Education Statement from the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk

The Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, regarding the face-to-face education that started last week in the kindergarten and primary school with diluted applications, said, “We are sure to follow up day by day, what kind of situations are in question, what are we experiencing and I can clearly state that Everything is going fine. " said.

As part of his visit to Giresun, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk visited Martyr Captain İsmail Hakkı Öztopal Primary and Secondary School in Dereli district. In his speech addressing the teachers in the school garden, Minister Selçuk thanked for their efforts and said, “What does this effort you put forward in such difficult times, after a disaster, during an epidemic, is to be in the service of the nation, what does it mean to be in the service of the child, to be a person of difficult times? this is the sign of this. " used the expression.

Minister Selçuk continued his words as follows: “You, as our colleagues and colleagues, have given a really great test to hold the hand of each of our children, to take the hearts of each of our parents, to find a solution to the problem of each citizen, and because of this test, the teaching profession will leave for the future. reputation, the perception of the teaching profession in the eyes of the society and teachers saying 'We are here, we have this place' at the right time is a source of great joy for us. For this reason, we are grateful. I sincerely thank you all for your efforts, on behalf of my colleagues and teammates in Ankara. We feel more fortunate for being here, and we are not afraid because we trust you. Because of all your efforts, this nation will never forget your work. " Stating that the governor, deputies and everyone concerned are in the district, Selçuk said, “Whatever you need, whatever you have, we are here to solve it. We are here to make things easy for you. We, as teachers, are here to keep your feet on the ground. " said.

"We will do whatever it takes"

Emphasizing that they will do whatever is necessary, Selçuk said, “We are aware of the problems. It makes us comfortable to tell the problems. Hiding the problems is my last choice. If there is any problem, we will talk, we will get into trouble, we will settle it, we will solve it together, I hope. Just relax and smile. If you smile, the children's faces laugh, the parents smile. That's why your smile is very precious to us. " he spoke. Minister Selçuk jokingly said to the teachers he addressed, “There is no smiling. I've always been saying smile, no? " he asked. Selcuk, who received the answer "It is not visible from the mask", said "Because of the mask? Okay then, now we have a deal. " said.

Minister Selçuk, who made observations closed to the press at the school, made a statement to the journalists at the exit. Minister Selçuk stated that they had consultations with the relevant authorities, especially the governor, on the issue of "What measures are required, what are needed" on the continuity and sustainability of post-disaster education services. Stating that the evaluations made show that the works are progressing rapidly, Selçuk noted that they have taken all necessary measures and continue to take them.

Referring to the face-to-face training, Minister Selçuk continued as follows: “With regard to the start of face-to-face training, we very much wanted to be in Giresun this second week. We are sure that we follow it day by day, what kind of situations are in question, what we are experiencing and I can clearly state that everything is going very well. Although there are technical problems, our crisis response teams and our local teams working on how to solve these problems prepare and do what is necessary for immediate response. "

"We make the necessary decisions to make our conditions better"

Stating that the process ahead will be revealed again after the meeting to be held under the chairmanship of President Erdoğan, Selçuk said: “When we consider what kind of road map we will have, our duty as the Ministry of Education is to keep the schools open. We continue our work by monitoring the conditions for the opening of schools, looking at the situation, and examining the course of the epidemic in detail. In that sense, we hope to make further decisions regarding the opening of schools in the upcoming period. Because some educational losses and learning losses caused by the failure to open our schools can cause enormous damage in the medium and long term. In order to prevent this, we continue to follow all kinds of precautions together with our teachers, provincial and district administrators and school principals, and today we are at a school here. "

Minister of Selcuk, in the schools visited, elementary 1 said the children's class in the class teachers and they were doing some assessments with school administrators, "and see that everything's fine go, such as where we look at the participation of students, 90 percent, and that the scale of Turkey is also very high rate of participation. This gives us hope and we make all the necessary decisions to improve our conditions. As the next process in schools all over Europe rapidly in Turkey is taking measures to make the work needed for the opening. " found the assessment.

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