Lucid Motors Electric Car Air Introduced

Lucid Motors Electric Car Air Introduced
Lucid Motors Electric Car Air Introduced

Tesla Model S was the vehicle that showed it was possible to produce sports electric cars. The vehicle, which has been the pioneer of this field for many years, now comes with a competitor with the Lucid Motors logo: Air. The performance of the vehicle is also very good.

Air prices, whose delivery will begin in the spring of 2021, vary between $ 80 and $ 170. In general, we can say that these prices are quite common for the vehicle that looks very luxurious.

Significant competitor to Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S, which is almost its only competitor in the luxury electric market, had not faced a significant challenge now. Lucid Air, another car with arguments in this market, will try to stand up to its competitor in every sense and take its share from this market.

Thanks to its fast charging feature, the vehicle, which can reach a range of about 20 kilometers with only 500 minutes of charging, passes 400 meters in 9,9 seconds and has a very high power level of 1080 horsepower.

The total range of the vehicle was announced as 832 kilometers. Let's say the drag coefficient of the vehicle is also 0,21, so it has better aerodynamics than Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. It is said that the vehicle will have at least 4 different models.

Large and spacious interior

Lucid Motors says the Air generally has a fairly large interior space thanks to its minimal interior design. As a matter of fact, a very spacious cabin and a console with a minimal and contemporary design stand out in the photos from the car.

The basic model of the vehicle has a price tag of 80 thousand dollars and will be the last model to go on sale in 2022. The Air Touring version will be sold at $ 95 and will have a higher range and engine power. The Air Grand Touring will be 139 thousand dollars, this 800-horsepower vehicle will be on the market in the second half of 2021. The Air Dream Edition will be the first model to be released with a $ 169 tag.

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