KARDEMİR is proud to export to South America

KARDEMİR is proud to export to South America
KARDEMİR is proud to export to South America

While KARDEMİR AŞ strengthens its product supply activities to the domestic market with its new product development and quality enhancement efforts, it also continues to concentrate on exports.

In the statement made by KARDEMİR AŞ Corporate Communication Directorate; “Our company continues to focus on exports while strengthening its product supply efforts to the domestic market through new product development and quality enhancement efforts. Despite the shrinking domestic demand and export due to the pandemic, we make international order connections for our railway rail and coil products.

We are proud of exporting to South America as well as European and Middle Eastern countries in this process, where we have begun to reap the results of the investments our company has made with great efforts.

Our company in Turkey's first and only producer of rails and wheels at the same time, Turkey's thick coil (56 Ø) is the talk is producing the competitive market. We will export this product not only to the domestic market, but also to various countries of the world with our railway wheel product, for which certification studies will be completed soon.

“Kardemir is one of the leading companies of our country in terms of both the qualification and production capabilities of its employees. It has the power to export its products to many countries of the world with its production memory and its structure open to development, which it has accumulated with its 83 years of deep-rooted history. Under these conditions, all we have to do is to increase our quality on the way of qualified steel and develop our product range according to the needs of the industry. ”Recorded his words.

Our company, which focuses on domestic production and aims to "produce what is not produced", supplies products to many areas from the defense industry to the building sector, from automotive to rail transportation, and at the same time, it carries Turkish Steel to the world with its export activities to different countries. said.

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