Izmir International Fair Opened for the 89th Time

Izmir International Fair Opened for the 89th Time
Izmir International Fair Opened for the 89th Time

Izmir International Fair, the 89th edition of which was held in Kültürpark this year with the theme "Mediterranean", opened its doors. Mayor Soyer said, "We believe that Izmir International Fair will be good for Izmir and our country in order to find morale, to strengthen our feelings of solidarity and to find a solution to the economic problems that every household is experiencing," said President Soyer. The Fair, where masks, distance and cleanliness are at the forefront, will host its visitors with concerts, theater, movie screenings and entertaining activities until September 8.

İzmir International Fair (İEF) was opened for the 89th time with a ceremony held at the Kültürpark Lausanne Gate. Opening ceremony of the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptune Soyer, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and his wife Hasan Pekcan, Trade Vice Minister Gonca Yılmaz Batur, Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Pavilion, Izmir Police Chief Huseyin Askin, CHP Secretary-General Selim Sayek Boke, Turkey Exporters Parliament Speaker İsmail Gülle, CHP Party Assembly Member (PM) Rıfat Nalbantoğlu, İzmir MPs Murat Bakan, Kamil Okyay Sındır, Kani Beko, district mayors, EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, İzmir Chamber of Commerce President Mahmut Özgener and guests attended. The IEF, which will be held under intensive pandemic measures, is the first fair to be opened in Izmir after the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world.

We are proud

In his opening speech Izmir International Fair, Turkey's oldest, saying that the most comprehensive and the most magnificent commercial organization Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, "Izmir is Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 'full independence' ideal, but the idea would be based on economic independence first is the host city of the Economics Congress. Izmir International Fair is not just a fair; it is the carrier of a great heritage whose idea was laid at the Izmir Economy Congress. Izmir International Fair, while playing around the world during the Second World War, opened its doors even in 1943, bringing together the countries that were at war with each other. During the Cold War years, it aroused the USA on the one hand and its red star in Kültürpark on the other. "We are proud to reopen the Izmir International Fair by taking the necessary measures, even though the number of attendance and some of our activities are restricted due to the pandemic this year."

İzmir means Fair, İzmir means Fair

Stating that the Izmir International Fair is the main element of great memories and firsts for the people of Izmir, in addition to its contribution to economic and political relations, President Soyer continued his words as follows: saw the piece for the first time at the Fair. The expo was the place where the cosmonaut suit was exhibited for the first time under the photograph of Gagarin, who was the first to go into space. We got to know jeans and escalators for the first time at the Fair. The first National Lottery was drawn in 1940 and the first digital lottery was drawn in 1989 at the Fair. We had the chance to see Zeki Müren, the art sun of our country, and many more valuable artists at the Fair for the first time. Every year, master actors such as Nejat Uygur show their love of theater at the Fair. kazansteep. The fair was a place where children ran happily with ice cream, rooster candies and flying balloons, families had a terrible day, love blossomed, and indescribable feelings came to life. Every İzmir citizen runs to Kültürpark with a childlike excitement during the fair. Therefore, İzmir means Fair and Fair means İzmir.”

Our cooperation with Mediterranean cities will increase

Pointing out that they want to revive the economic difficulties that grew due to the pandemic at the Fair organized with the Mediterranean theme this year, through international collaborations and commercial relations, Soyer said, “From the very first day, we have determined to establish warm relations with the Mediterranean countries as one of our priorities, just like the climate we share. Because Izmir has been one of the largest and most developed port cities of the Mediterranean in history. The first thing I did when I took office was to write a letter to the Mayors of six Mediterranean cities, including Barcelona, ​​Beirut, Alexandria, Marseille, Thessaloniki, and Venice. I believe that the multifaceted cooperation of Mediterranean cities in terms of economy and culture will create important opportunities for our cities. Based on the ancient heritage of Izmir, which is located at the heart of civilizations, we will open the way for development together with the Mediterranean Union. The Mediterranean means hope, fun, enthusiasm and color. All these values ​​mean Izmir. I believe that we will light the fire of hope at the Izmir International Fair and convince us that there will be better days again ”.

Thanks from Soyer

Stating that he believes that the Izmir International Fair will be good for Izmir and our country in order to find morale in these difficult days, to strengthen our feelings of solidarity and to find a solution to the economic problems that every household is experiencing, President Soyer said, I would like to thank the national and international institutions and sector representatives and our supportive organizations for their contributions. Since its establishment in 1990, I would like to thank İZFAŞ and its valuable employees, who have strengthened their goal of being the 'City of Fairs' of İzmir day by day, and prepared with great effort and seriousness every year. Making it possible for the Fair to be associated with Kültürpark and Kültürpark with the Fair, Dr. Being Behç et Uz, I would like to express my gratitude to the valuable mayors of Izmir who made the Izmir International Fair bigger every year and brought it to today. My last thanks to the people of Izmir who run to the Fair with great excitement and enthusiasm every year. Our Izmir International Fair is a 'peace and culture festival', a 'feast of brotherhood', a 'democracy square', 'hopeful and enthusiastic' like the Mediterranean, 'lively and colorful' like the Mediterranean, 'warm and fun' like the Mediterranean ”.

Özgener: "The fair marks a first"

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmut Özgener thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who decided to open the Fair, which has been going on for 89 years as a resident of Izmir. Özgener emphasized that IEF was the first fair held during the pandemic process, and said that the spiritual weight of this fair, the foundation of which was laid at the 1st Economic Congress with the instructions of Atatürk, was strong enough to shoulder the negativity created by the pandemic.

Gülle: "Let's not lose this soul"

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, said that the continuation of the excitement and cultural and economic contribution that the Fair has given to our country for 89 years is very meaningful. Gülle said, “We must not lose this spirit. The opening of the Izmir International Fair after the Victory Day, in which we celebrate its 98th anniversary, is extremely important. on the military field kazanIt is the tradition of the world to crown victories with trade. IEF is of great importance in this respect.”

Köşger: "İEF is the lifeblood of İzmir and the Aegean"

Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger emphasized the importance of opening the İEF, one of the main dynamics of İzmir's socioeconomic development, and said, “İEF, where communication and promotion can be made together, is the lifeblood of İzmir and the Aegean. IEF makes significant contributions to the socio-economic development and cultural activity diversity of our city and country.” Emphasizing that it is quite appropriate to organize the Fair with the Mediterranean theme this year, Köşger said: “The Mediterranean theme, which will be discussed with various events at the Fair, will draw attention to the importance of the seas and highlight the country's potential and opportunities in this regard. The Mediterranean basin is a connecting sea of ​​trade and cultural interaction. It is important for Mediterranean countries to turn their geostrategic advantages into economic advantages. kazanIt will be three.”

Böke: "IEF represents the future"

CHP General Secretary Selin Sayek Böke started her speech by conveying the greetings, love and success wishes of CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Stating that IEF symbolizes a great history and a bright future, Böke said, “It is not a coincidence that the fair took place in İzmir. Throughout its history, İzmir has been a trade center, a world port, a center of democracy culture, and a pioneer of the culture of peace and coexistence. In these times of crisis that the world and Turkey are experiencing, democracy and the culture of living together are more important than ever. kazanhe's eating. For a stronger development, we need to establish a strong social state. I am not talking about a destiny in which the family and geography we were born into determine our destiny. İEF and İzmir represent the history of these principles, most importantly the future. I would like to thank those who contributed, especially Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer.”

Pekcan: "Our heart did not take a break from this deep-rooted tradition"

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, emphasizing that they are not willing to interrupt the deep-rooted tradition as a ministry despite these adverse conditions due to the global pandemic and said, “We attach great importance to the legacy of IEF and work with special effort to carry this legacy to future generations. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we could not host our international guests, but this did not prevent us from realizing the 'International Izmir Business Days' programs in this virtual environment. During the pandemic process, we evaluated the conditions in the region in terms of logistics and trade. "We exchanged ideas to revive the center position in world trade by increasing trade in the Mediterranean region, which has been the center of trade throughout history."

Our goal is to make İzmir the most important trade and business center of the Mediterranean.

Izmir's world trade main attraction and charm to reinforce that the center would continue his work as the Ministry of Commerce with all the actors describing Pekcan, said: "Turkey trade fair in the Mediterranean after today, equitable, continue to work for development so as to contribute to regional and global peace will. We hope this year's IEF will contribute to the Mediterranean's feature of being a sea of ​​prosperity, stability and peace for all countries in the region, with the emphasis on 'Mediterraneanness' and 'Blue Continent'. IEF is a memory and color for all Aegean people, including me, with its social and cultural activities. It is very pleasing to continue this deep-rooted future, to let our children live, and to see the fair program getting richer every year. This fair has provided great services to the export and promotion of our country for many years and continues this feature. Our goal is to show Izmir's potential to the world. We want to make İzmir one of the most important trade and business centers of the Mediterranean. "

Mediterranean music enchanted

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the fair with the guests. The concerts to be held at the Atatürk Open Air Theater during the fair started with the Mediterranean Cities Music concert accompanied by the Izmir Symphony Orchestra. Before the concert, Lisbon Mayor Fernando Medina, Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris and Valencia Mayor Tourism Consultant Emilio Garcia welcomed the residents of Izmir. The popular rock band Mor ve Ötesi also took the stage at the opening concert.

89. Notes from the IEF

The entrance fees at the fair, which will continue until September 8, are determined as 5 TL. 89. A limited number of stands were set up at İEF starting from the entrance of the Lausanne Gate. There will be frequent warnings in order not to be busy in the entire fair, where there will be a variety of products such as municipal services, education, food, souvenirs. The host Izmir Metropolitan Municipality transfers its services to the fair guests with the stand it has set up.

All events at the fair will be free of charge. Fire of Anatolia will take the stage at the Atatürk Open Air Theater on Sunday, September 6. On the evening of September 7, Ufuk Beydemir and Buray will sing their popular songs. The closing will be made by clarinetist Hüsnü Şenlendirici and Halil Sezai on 8 September. Tickets for concerts with QR code can be purchased from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Art website.

Nazım Hikmet Ran's play "Kuvayi Milliye Epic" will be staged on September 6-7 at the İsmet İnönü Art Center. In the area set up in the long pool, visitors will enjoy cinema between 5-8 September. Graffiti works on the theme of "Peace and Freedom" will be carried out every day during the fair. Pantomime and street performances will be performed at Kaskatlı Havuz Stage. The clown show at Lausanne Kapı Stage will be the Bubble Show with the shows of the animators. A cultural conversation titled “From Establishment to Salvation in İzmir, Media and Art” will be held at Ahşap Sahne. There will be music concerts with Mediterranean influences on the street stages of IEF. In the Survivor Track, which will take place on the lawn, the participants will compete alone or in teams to reach the final in challenging tracks. Children will be able to enter the area with their parents.

The 89th Izmir International Fair can be visited between 12.00-23.00. The fair also includes a Mediterranean flavors section in front of the Painting and Sculpture Museum.

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